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8 Unique Benefits of Self-Check-In/Out Kiosks at Hotels in 2022

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8 Unique Benefits Of Self-Check-In/Out Kiosks

Self-service kiosks for hotels are the best hotel technology that provides real value to guests and hoteliers as well. This technology could take the role of your hotel front desk staff, and some of the back-office tasks.

Although self-service kiosks offer a more personalized and convenient check-in experience. They also reduce the hotel operational cost, drive potential revenue, enhance future development.

What are the Self-Service Kiosks?

A self-service kiosk is a new technology that offers devices that could be installed anywhere in the hotel. Automated or digital touch kiosks allow guests to complete the front desk procedures digitally instead of contacting the staff. 

They are similar to the kiosks in the train stations or bus stops. You use them to purchase tickets for a certain trip. It does not mean that you will need no employees. You would rather liberate them for more complex tasks.

Some leading hotels started to use self-serving mobile hotel kiosks. It provides a much more convenient and personalized experience. They are smartphone applications that do the job of the standing touchscreen.

8# Main Benefits of Self-Check-In Kiosks at Hotels

Based on the service provided by BITS Arabia, the leading IT supplier company for hotels in the KSA, we find that there are 8 main benefits of self-check-in kiosks at hotels:

1. The Utmost of Customers Satisfaction

There are some survey-based facts to consider. Hospitality Technology conducted a new study about the preference of 33–44 years old travelers. They concluded that 72% of them were most likely to prefer the self-service kiosk.

Participants in the surveys clarified why they preferred this automated service. They said that it provides faster service, shorter lines, complete privacy, greater control, and no interaction with personnel.

Another survey showed that two-thirds of guests would choose the digital check-in rather than the traditional one.

Another survey of 2,654 travelers was conducted by Travel Leaders Group. It uncovered that almost 78% of travelers want hoteliers to use self-serving mobile kiosks.

Hence, if you want your guests’ comfort, here is what your guests prefer. This degree of control you give them would improve their satisfaction levels.

2. Multilingual Service

Instead of having a multilingual staff, you would have software containing as many languages as you want. It makes it super easy for international visitors to communicate with your hotel. 

3. No More Long Queues

A recent survey uncovered that hotel guests love self-service kiosks. Because they speed up the front desk procedures. Customers appreciate the hassle-free processes when it comes to checking in/out.

Digital kiosks are easy to use. They can accomplish the check-in process so quickly. They also present a unique value for checking out. Most guests will be running late for a flight and not ready to speed more time with your front desk staff.  

Digital kiosks could easily allow guests to swipe through real rooms and choose their preferred room. They would find the room exactly as they saw. They also issue soft room keys on their phones.

4. Liberate You Staff

The self-service kiosks will not end the human element in your hotel. They would rather ensure that your staff members are spending their time on more complex tasks. They would focus on the real tasks rather than routine ones.

5. Eliminate Human Error

All hotels, regardless of their level, are suffering from human-based errors. Errors would include wrong, corruption, or misspelling of data. They may result from the administrative routine or stress. Humans are still not immune to slip-ups. 

Self-serving kiosks, on the other hand, improve your engagement with your guests. They can record and self-correct the data accurately. They could even save guest data (including preferences) for future returns.

6. Offer 24/7 Service

The digital kiosks offer 24/7 service with no different shifts. The digital kiosks could also have the common FAQs installed on the screen. Customers would have all their inquiries answered at any time without wasting the time of your staff.

It is also helpful to collect feedback from the customers to ensure that your hotel presents the highest standards.

7. Higher Revenue and Less Cost

Automated hotel kiosks can display variant upgraded amenities that guests may add to their bills. So, you can upsell tour packages, spa services, hotel F&B services, and more featured add-on services.

They could also have a remarkable impact on reducing operational costs. They could perform many routine tasks (registration, checking, payment, soft keys). This will lead to a real minimization of hotel labor. 

8. Better Data for Marketing

The digital kiosks record your guests’ preferences and even impressions. Besides, they offer an opportunity for personalized experiences. They also collect more data about your targeted customers and their behaviors.

This would help you prepare better marketing campaigns and craft more personalized marketing emails for your guests.

Self-Service Hotel Kiosk Solutions

As you have seen, Self-serve kiosks at hotels provide a variety of benefits for your business as well as your visitors. But before approaching this technology, you need to seek outstanding IT solutions from a specialized partner.

BITS Arabia is the leading IT supplier for the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. BITS Arabia offers unparalleled technology solutions for your hotel’s self-serve kiosks.

Contact BITS Arabia NOW to help you find the digital kiosks that fulfill your need and suit your targeted guests.

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