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Complete Guide To The Internet Of Things (IoT) For Hotels 2022

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Complete Guide To The Internet Of Things (IoT) For Hotels

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a promising field for decades, especially in the hospitality industry. It continues to offer innovative solutions with cost-effectiveness.

IoT provides many advantages. Although these technologies offer a personalized and digitalized guest experience with better operational efficiency. They also reduce the total operation cost of the hotel, especially the energy costs.

The solutions mentioned in this article are based on the unique services presented by BITS Arabia. BITS Arabia is the leading IT supplier company for the hospitality industry in the KSA.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT refers to the process of connecting any device (with an on/off switch) to the internet. It allows people and things to communicate with each other. It controls the data collecting and sharing in the surrounding environment.

This technology would be great for collecting data about your guests. It also provides guests with greater control over the surrounding environment. It increases the automation levels and offers a better management system for your hotel’s multiple devices.

In our ordinary life, IoT is involved in objects of all sizes and shapes, such as:

  • Smart microwaves cook the food you customized.
  • Self-driving cars can detect objects in their way.
  • Wearable fitness devices to ensure you enjoy good health and practice proper exercise.

Benefits of Applying IoT in Your Hotel

IoT technology offers many opportunities for the hospitality industry. It would be translated into a reduction of operational costs and a better guest experience. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of IoT for hotels:

1. Guest Comfort and Personalization

The most effective factor for a better guest experience in the hotel is the comfort and personalized experience he had. IoT is the cornerstone of modern hotel technologies that would add a more personalized touch for your hotel’s guests. 

IoT could save the preferences of guests. It could automatically set up the customized service they prefer even before they arrive. IoT is the basis of all the in-room technologies. Guest could digitally and remotely control much of the room features using guests’ smartphones or any smart device.

2. Better Safety and Security

IoT also takes the form of a security system. They are developed into automated smart door locks. They give you a full picture of what is going on in your hotel. There are many other security solutions not only for guest rooms but also for each corner of your hotel.

3. Effective Maintenance and Sustainability Process

IoT is of great benefit when it comes to maintenance processes. Hoteliers and their staff will depend greatly on the data collected from the IoT-enabled sensors. As they can provide real-time data about each room for the housekeeping staff.

It also provides accurate data about the performance of every corner in your hotel. I mean accurate data about the occupancy, plumbing systems, energy consumption, water usage, lightbulb maintenance, and more. Helping your hotel staff to predict and detect problems very early to work on fixing them.

4. Reduction in Hotel Energy Consumption

IoT is an energy-saving system when connected with occupancy-based sensors. This will ensure that when there is no occupancy, there is no energy consumption. 

When sensors detect, for example, a vacant room or place in the hotel. The devices connected to the IoT system would automatically be adjusted to save energy such as temperature adjustment, dimming or turning off lights, and shutting down all unnecessary energy consumption.

Some hotels achieved a return of investment by 90% reduction = $124,255 annual energy consumption for lighting alone.

5. Predictive analytics

IoT enables you to collect huge data about your customers’ behaviors. A good analysis of these data allows hoteliers to reach useful insights about their targeted guests. They can keep track of their hotel services and the future development needed.

Common IoT technologies Used in Modern Hotels

Here are some real examples of IoT applications in modern hotels around the World: 

  • Automated Guest Rooms

IoT provides unparalleled guest room accommodation. It automates everything in guest rooms to make his stay more comfortable.

The IoT could be implemented, for example, by providing soft control over:

  • The lighting
  • Air temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Windows
  • Curtains
  • Smart TVs
  • Digitized food menus
  • And more.
  • Beacon, Bluetooth, and GPS

IoT offers area-based sensors installed inside and outside your hotel. This is known as “Beacon.” They notify you when the visitor is in a certain place. 

The system sends a message to guests offering useful information about this place and what they can do there. It is an innovative method to communicate with the guest and tell them that you really care. It helps you build loyalty and trust with your guests.

When they, for example, are hanging out, messages could recommend certain nearby services such as restaurants or gym centers. Certain cautions or tips to follow in the palace they are in right now. 

  • Automated Check-In and Check-out

The most common IoT-enabled services are self-service kiosks. They automate the check-in and check-out procedures. They could do all the front desk tasks with no touch. They could even send, for example, a digital or electronic key to a guest’s mobile phone.

  • Voice-Controlled Customer Service

voice-controlled customer service is voice recognition technology. It enables smart devices to understand spoken words translated as commands. IoT could be integrated with this technology to influence or control nearby devices or objects by voice command.

For example, a smart hub could connect to smart TVs, lighting, alarms, heating or ventilation systems. It allows all of these objects to function according to the voice command given to the hub.

So, guests could easily, for instance, identify their wake-up reminders, call for room service, and modify room functions. They could even book a date-based fitness class, contact the concierge, and reserve restaurant mails only by the digitalized voice service.

  • Soft Keys

IoT opens a great opportunity to have advanced soft keys such as mobile keys, keys on the hotel’s application. The system gives each person in the building the access level for him. It also provides clear data of who is entering where, and how much he spent there.

The Best Supplier of IoT Technologies for Hotels

BITS Arabia is the leading IT supplier for the hospitality industry in the KSA. We offer integrated solutions to better apply IoT technologies in your hotel.

Based on 23+ years of experience in the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia. Our solutions will enhance your guest experience and reduce your operational cost. We will help you automate your hotel and provide the best hotel services over your competitors.

Contact BITS Arabia NOW for better growth of your business!

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