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The Complete Guide to Advanced Types of Access Control Systems

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The Complete Guide To GRMS | Hotel Guest Room Control Systems

What is Access Control System, and Why Access Control is Required?

Access control systems are advanced security techniques telling who could access (view, use, or enter) what and when. Its main goal is to minimize risks that the organization may face. These security systems work on the identification, authentication, and authorization of users. The security systems force login credentials such as passwords, biometric scans, PINs (personal identification numbers), and more.

There are two main types of access controls based on what is required to be secured. The first type is the physical access control system. It works on limiting access to buildings, campuses, rooms, or valuable things such as IT assets. It uses an electronic security identifier such as card keys. If the card is valid, the control panel sends an approval signal telling the door to unlock.

The second type is the logical access control system that focuses on connecting to computers, networking, data, or any software. This could require a kind of username and password.

Access control could also be configured based on the working zone and time, employee role and level, or many other factors discussed below.

The Importance of Access Control Systems?

BITS Arabia Access control Systems offer many unique benefits. Our systems increase the security of your business buildings, sites, and people. Besides, in an IT security setup, the service would be translating into protecting a particular file, IT assets, or business data.

Some people would ask: why is the Access Control System required? Without suitable access control systems, your company and its staff would be left in an unsecured place vulnerable to any data or items loss. Business secrets, valuable assets, and service plans are the essence of your business and future success. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Farewell to Traditional Keys

If your business consists of many buildings or multiple rooms, this would mean having lots of traditional keys for each individual. Imagine how messy it would be!

  • Detailed reports of Movement

Your security team could have detailed reports of people flow in the building. This ensures that everyone works on the assigned tasks avoiding any decline in profitability. Reports are also extremely helpful in emergencies or up-normal accidents.

  • Protecting the Staff and Guests

The access control system is configured to protect your guests from outside harm. For the hospitality industry, it is crucial to provide protection for your guests in the hotel.

  • Monitor Staff Access

Secure Access control systems could confine the staff access based on their role of shift hours. Every employee should not access different data or parts in the office building.

  • Reducing the Total Costs

Control systems are also helpful to reduce the business overall costs. Business owners are free from issuing and replacing keys and locks for each door. The reduction of the total cost would be more relevant for the larger hospitality industry. The System itself is not expensive, but, it rather be integrated with the other IT systems.

Therefore, there are several benefits the business owner will gain by installing Access Control Systems. It means maintaining a secure and safe environment, especially for the hospitality industry.

Types of Access Control Systems

Now you have a solid background in secure access control systems. But, what are the appropriate types of access control systems for your business? BITS Arabia makes this decision easier based on the kind of architecture and management style suitable for your industry. Below is the best possible hierarchy order of all types of Access Control Systems:

1- Different Types of Access Control System Architectures

What we mean by architectures is the functional system linking all item controllers, keycards, and\or the other network parts. There are two main functional control systems: Smartphones systems and cloud systems. Others add IoT systems, but it is involved in the other two systems.

A- Mobile-Based Access Control Systems

By using the mobile-based system, you are basing the security of your business on your smartphone. These access control systems for buildings work just like the mobile accessed email. The user, for example, downloads an app and writes the correct login information. Upon that, his data is added to the system and he gets permission to enter certain areas.

The user then uses the app on the same authorized phone and chooses the door he wants to open and clicks. The system then sends an unlock code to the system’s local server through WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, or cellular connection.

B- Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

This low-cost system is also called Web-based access control. It stores the data and permissions on the web and not on physical devices. This allows you to access, control, view, and manage reports and system data anywhere using any browser.

2. Types of Advanced Access Control System Management

On the optimization of the way people manage your business access control system, you have two management systems. The electronic access controls are: first is the Standalone system, the second is the Networked system.

Standalone access control systems are usually used for parking, governmental buildings, small business buildings, and storage units. However, networked access control systems are useful in managing large visitors and employees. It is manufactured to offer a central control giving various levels of authority and access.

Here is the detailed discussion of the types of Access control systems based on the above two management systems:

A- Mandatory Access Control System (MAC)

It is a standalone system that is one of the simplest secure access control systems for buildings. It simply works by installing and localizing the necessary security equipment in front of the entrance door. The user has to present the valid authorized keypad code or password. It is mostly used in military and government buildings.

B- Discretionary Access Control System (DAC)

It is a Networked system that is mostly used as an access control system for small and large businesses. The business owner here is deciding who can access which areas of the building. Each entry point is given a software list of the allowed groups or individuals to enter the premise.

C- Role-Based Access Control System (RBAC)

It is a Networked system that gives authorized entry to employees on the basis of their role or position in the business premises. So, it could also be called the job title-based access control as it has nothing to do with names, rather the employee position.

D- Rule-Based Access Control System (RBAC)

Wait! It is not repeated! Have you noticed the difference? Yep! “Rule-based” system is not the other “Role-based” system. It is a Networked system that is based on a rule management style that gives access to ACLs (Access control lists). It is based on creating rules allowing access only at certain times and days.

E- Parking Control Systems

It is a standalone system that gives access to residents in the building, to employees, or to paying car owners and guests. The famous types of parking control systems are the bollards or barrier gates. Retractable controllers are protecting the parking from any car, vehicle, or people without previous permission. 

Parking control systems are usually integrated with the existing management system. Visitors could be controlled by keys, intercom, cards, or usually by one of the security staff members watching the CCTV.

BITS Arabia Secure Access Control Systems

BITS Arabia offers unique solutions to I.T access control systems for buildings. We identify the best suitable Access Control System for your business. BITS Arabia is the leading IT technology supplier in Saudi Arabia with a proven solutions portfolio with the major Businesses in the KSA. 

Contact BITS Arabia Today to check what we can offer to your business.

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