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2021 Complete Guide to Global Technical Solutions for Hospitality Industry

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Complete Guide To Global Technical Solutions For Hospitality Industry

What Do the Global Technical Solutions Refer to?

Global technical solutions for hospitality refer to hi-tech IT services and practices. The rapid change of technology urges us to focus on reducing human touches with smart technologies. 

There are two main Global IT solutions. First, Hi tech solutions would benefit the business itself and its management. Second, IT Tech Solutions serve the luxury of the hotel guests. So, IT solutions’ main job is to automate and assist businesses and improve the guest experience.

In this article, we will focus on the cutting-edge technical solutions offered by BITS Arabia to the hospitality industry in KSA.

The Importance of Global Technical Solutions for Hospitality

IT technology has become a necessity for the hospitality industry for a number of reasons. One of these reasons has to do with post-Covid 2019. Technology provides a social distance to reduce human interactions. 

Using technologies such as Biometric access and authentication would create a safer environment on the hotel premises. This also includes biometric payment technology strategies that provide a user touchless and cashless experience.

Communication technologies could replace human communications such as service bells, doormen, signboards, menus, and several other unsafe interactions. Technology solutions are also useful in managing the hotel banquets, conducting clean and safe events.

Technology also enhances the customer’s touchpoints. Technologies in hospitality can replace door handles, keys, cash, access cards, and everything in the hotel. This will create a new brand image of the hotel as a World-Class Hotel.

Here are the best Global Technical Solutions that will assist business processes as well as improve guests’ experiences:

Global Technical Solutions Assist Hospitality Businesses 

There are some necessary IT services and solutions that would enhance the efficiency of your business functioning. These services include:

Professional-Grade Data Security

Because of the development of cybersecurity worldwide. You need to defend your business from attackers, hackers, viruses, and any other security risk.

Professional protection and backup are means to keep your business data safe. They protect the data from unauthorized access and backup the data to prevent data loss. 

BITS Arabia, technology solutions company, utilizes the leading technology trends. Our services ensure the safety of your data, and its automotive backup. Our business IT solutions provide Multi-layered IT defense and protection.

Business Analytics

Your hospitality business needs a high-performing, secure analytic tool or platform. It is used for data reporting and the key performance metrics for your future development. This will assist you in providing better operational efficiency and better customer engagement.

IoT and Property management systems mentioned below will help you collect, analyze, and learn from reported data.

Modern Management Hi Tech Solutions

Business owners now need to focus on several technology management systems. These management systems enhance their business development and revenue. These technologies would involve the internet of things (IoT), automation, Smart Energy Management, NFC technology, and more.

Global Technical Solutions to Improve Hotel’s Visitors Experience

Although business IT solutions mentioned here assist the business management, they are oriented for the user experience. 

We will mention the best global technical solutions served by BITS Arabia. Contact BITS Arabia now and apply them to your business.

IoT | Internet of Things in Hospitality

Internet of things (IoT) refers to various technologies that aim to interconnect any object or device on the internet. In short, everything is connectable via the internet. Hospitality business owners realized the positive impact of IoT making it the number one required technology in the industry. IoT allows hoteliers to optimize the hotel expenses and deliver a more personalized experience to their customers. 

IoT also requires having fast and hassle-free guest WiFi. Everything should also be Mobile friendly, without ever interacting with the hotel’s staff. Guests could find and browse the hotel, handle its requirements, and finish its procedures.

Guest Room Technologies Solutions

Two-third of guests expect to see technology advancements in their rooms. IoT also enhances room technology services by applying guestrooms automation. It means the software connection of nearly everything in the room. Starting from the room door, room temperature, and lighting, and ending with controlling curtains, rolling shutters, and TVs.

Advanced Security Systems

Business owners have to ensure that they are using the right access control system and the relevant CCTV systems. This will ensure the safety of your premises, visitors, and staff. 

BITS Arabia is an IT solutions company that helps you identify a suitable security system for your business. We have a loaded portfolio of experience working with the full range of security systems.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality refers to the use of artificial intelligence to display hotel features and technologies. Virtual reality means putting users in a digital and virtual environment expected to experience in the hotel. For instance, when a guest books a room at a hotel, they could take a virtual tour of the hotel facilities. 

It is a marketing tool that proved to be effective in the last couple of years. It gives room for hospitality companies to showcase the unique technology advancements applied in the hotel.

However, augmented reality enables users to watch the real environment. This technology is applied by using a smartphone with authoritative access to an interactive map of a hotel.

Customer’s Cybersecurity

When you apply advanced networking, you need first to ensure the safety of the customer’s cybersecurity. Users’ data on their devices or on your system might be sensitive: such as passport numbers, credit card details, email addresses, and more. 

We in BITS Arabia provide the best hotel cyber security solutions. We ensure the safety of the devices accessing your hotel network as well as your IP systems. We can help draw your cyber security plans for your data and your guests.

Indoor Air Quality

One of the new high-tech global solutions in the hospitality industry is controlling indoor Air quality. The quality of indoor air inside hotels and other hospitality industries is important for health and comfort. 

Poor indoor air quality may lead to unhealthy cases such as headaches, fatigue, and less concentrating abilities. It also affects and causes irritation of the eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.

This technology became nagging after Covid-19 considering that a high percentage of COVID cases spread through the air.  You need to provide safe and purified indoor air to protect your guests and staff.

BITS Arabia | Leading Global IT Solutions Company

BITS Arabia is an expert technology solutions company for global technology solutions used in the hospitality industry. We serve your guests with a level of professionalism and dedication.

Browse the global IT solutions we provide through our website and don’t let your competitors overpass your business.

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