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Do Hotel Guests Desire Contactless Check-In/Out? | The Latest Surveys

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Top 7 Technologies To Personalize Your Hotel Services

Experts state that travelers are increasingly looking for hotel contactless technologies in 2022. One of these technologies is the digital kiosk of the self-check-in service. Although it sounds easy, there are challenges. 

In this article, we are going to explore all aspects of hotel kiosk technology. We will see the guests’ desires, the business benefits, potential challenges, and solutions.

The article is based on the service provided by BITS Arabia, the leading IT supplier for the hospitality industry in the KSA. 

What is Self-Service Technology for Hotels?

Self-service technology allows guests to fulfill what they need without the help of personnel. Examples of this technology are:

  • ATMs for banks
  • Tickets machines for transportation stations
  • Self-ordering machines for restaurants
  • Digital kiosks for hotels. 

The kiosk technology for hotels is based on placing physical instruments or digital devices at some spots in the hotel. They allow hoteliers to automate and digitalize the check-in processes.

Other leading hotels are also using self-serving apps or webpage (mobile hotel kiosks). Gu

est can finish all the requirements even before arriving.

The contactless technologies can usually do almost all of the front desk tasks and some of the back-office tasks. They can take care of all the payments. Enter and store all types of guests’ data required for reserving a stay. 

They could manage the early arrivals of guests in a better manner. They are great at issuing softkeys and barcodes for guests’ rooms.

The digital kiosks spell a unique feature display featuring add-ons and upsells of the hotel. They are also performing well at gathering data about your customers’ preferences and behaviors.

Do Hotel Guests Desire Contactless Check-In\Out?

The hospitality industry had been constructed on face-to-face communications. But surprisingly, life has changed, and new hotel technologies are knocking on our doors.

Long ago, hoteliers would see these self-service technologies offer convenience for guests and reduce their labor costs. But they used to neglect the idea as if it will eliminate the human touch which is the essence of hospitality.

Some hoteliers had tried to test the performance and reaction of digital kiosks as a solution to the long queues in seasons. These devices would usually be primitive and offer no real help to hoteliers. Guests also found them inconvenient.

The COVID-19 pandemic later forced us to open the door to give these technologies a chance. When put in practice, both hoteliers and guests started to trust and prefer this technology. 

Travelers are now seeking new ways to stay safe. They prefer reducing contact with your hotel staff. They found that contactless technology provided the desired minimal contact.

Here are some surveys that would interest you in that regard:

  • Latest surveys found that guests are increasingly looking for contactless experiences to feel comfortable at a hotel.
  • Another survey on a huge number of travelers in the last couple of years. They asked them about their hotel technology that would increase their confidence in the next trip. 

41% of travelers placed contactless and self-service technologies as their priority. The trend that be increasing in 2022.

  • Two surveys of more than 7,000 travelers found that 80% of hotel guests would prefer the hotels with an app enabling contactless check-in/out. 73% of guests would prefer to use mobile soft keys for rooms to reduce contact.
  • Two online surveys received 8,000 total responses found that 62% of travelers would prefer to use the hotel app for checking in/out. Another 30% preferred a webpage check-in.
  • Hospitality Technology conducted a new study focusing on the preference of 33–44 years old travelers. The result shows that 72% of them prefer self-service kiosks. They explained: they provide faster service, shorter lines, complete privacy, greater control, and no interaction with personnel.
  • Another survey showed that two-thirds of guests would choose a hotel that offers a digital check-in over the other competitors.
  • A Survey of 2,654 travelers uncovered that almost 78% of travelers want hoteliers to use self-serving mobile kiosks.

We can go down the list, but you got the point. If you want to address your guests’ desires, here is what your guests prefer: contactless hotel technologies.

Although applying all the contactless hotel technologies would be hard at once. The check-in kiosks would definitely be the best fit to quickly address guests’ desire for contactless check-ins. This would be a necessary step for the gradual introduction of the rest of the hotel technologies when ready.

How Would Contactless Check-In/out Benefit a Hotelier?

The contactless technologies for hotel Check-in/out provide several benefits for the business efficiency alongside the guest desire. Let’s name a few benefits:

  • Software with Multilingual Service rather than expensive multilingual staff.
  • Reduce hotel long queues in seasons. Based on a recent survey, hotel guests love digital kiosks because they speed up routine procedures.
  • Freeing your hotel staff for more complex tasks that require a human touch.
  • Eliminate errors resulting from following a repetitive routine and human fallibility
  • 24\7 services rather than several shifts.
    • Multi-services: such as answering the common FAQs and collecting feedback.
  • Offer higher revenue and less operational cost. Digital hotel kiosks display variant upgraded services and featured add-ons.
  • Data collection for marketing and services development purposes.

Does Hotel Technology Threaten Manpower?

No, absolutely not, it would rather enhance it. The new technology would not take over your hotel manpower. The digital kiosks will not provide hospitality that is based on a warm welcome.

Technology is not here to eliminate the human presence and blur the essence of hospitality. Hoteliers rather need to rely on both qualified staff and technology facilities. Look at technologies as new facilities rather than new alternatives.

When using digital kiosks, for example, your staff members will spend their precious time developing and providing personalized service. They would provide tips for your guests to better enjoy their visit. They would help the software to perform better.

They would also learn from the data gathered to present a better-personalized service. Your staff would have enough time to customize the living space based on the preference of each guest.

For example, when they have data about a guest working from home. This would mean that they would set up working facilities such as comfortable desks, chairs, and notes.

Best Contactless Check-In/Out Solutions | BITS Arabia 

Not all hotel digital kiosks are created equal.  What worked for a certain hotel in a specific region may not be the best solution for others. You’d better seek outstanding IT solutions from a local specialized company.

If your service is located in the Gulf Countries, BITS Arabia is the perfect choice for hotel technology solutions. BITS Arabia is the leading IT and technology supplier for the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

For 23+ years, we have been the source of technology solutions for the leading hotels in the local market. Contact BITS Arabia NOW.

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