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Best Hotel Technology Trends for 2022 | Applicable Examples!

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Best Hotel Technology Trends For 2022

Introduction | Why does Hotels Technology matter?

People who work in the hospitality industry may have asked this question a couple of years ago. But hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses now recognize the importance of Smart Hotel Technology.

BITS Arabia is the leading technology supplier to the hospitality industry. We are the best hotels technology company in Saudi Arabia applying innovative technology used in hotel industry.

Modern Hotel Management Technology

There are several Hotel Technology trends and solutions that could be applied to the Management system. These could include IoT, Automation, NFC technology (Near field communication), Smart Energy Management, and more.

Internet of Things (IoT) | Automation

IoT refers to the technology of connecting any objects or devices with the internet. It connects the physical & hardware World to the digital & software World.

There are remarkable advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, hoteliers now need to focus on service automation in their Hotel management. Automation is also helpful by freeing up the staff for other major tasks. 

Hotel automation management could include several things: 

  • Motion sensors that turn on\off lights
  • Voice control of appliances
  • Face recognition 
  • Sensitive locks
  • Digital control of TVs
  • Temperature, Air conditioning, and more

These modern technologies enhance guests’ experience and journey. It also works on reducing the hotel operation’s total costs.

NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology

NFC technology is a new touchless method that could wirelessly transfer data from one smart device to another nearby device. NFC technology could enhance contactless payments via mobile wallets or cards in a secure process.

Besides, hotel guests and other hospitality customers prefer contactless payment methods to avoid getting affected by Covid.

Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management is simply sophisticated machine-learning algorithms. It focuses on analyzing historical thermodynamics and the local weather. It uses certain sensors to monitor and optimize energy functionality and consumption.

For example, the hotel smart room technology, such as the lighting system. Smart lighting systems enable hoteliers to track occupancy patterns. This helps in applying the preferred lighting. Motion detectors and thermal sensors could also detect the occupation of the room and shut the power off\on.

For example, one of the most famous hotels in the USA saved a 90% reduction in annual lighting energy consumption. In the language of money, it saved $124,255 in the first year by saving lighting energy alone.

These technologies of sensors could also be implemented on water-saving, Air conditioning, and all the other electronic aspects.

Studies conclude that smart energy management systems are to reduce the energy cost of hotels by up to 20%. It also raises the resale value of the hotel in the market.

Mobile Is The Future Of Everything

Mobile is one of the main factors of future hotel technology. It could facilitate the streamlining processes of check-in and check-out. It allows guests to do everything required before arriving. Visitors could get 24/7 service on their phones by downloading the Hotel software. Mobile should now do the job of the front desk to offer a faster service.

Mobile could also manage parking inventory. Visitors could also reserve parking spots for their cars in advance with their spots assigned on the map digitally. This technology will manage everything for the visitors before arrival.

Modern Technology in Hotel Rooms

There are several technical factors for digital rooms in hotels that could leave a good picture of the visitors’ minds. These technologies in Hotel Rooms could involve:  

  • Soft room keys:

Unlike keycard and traditional Bluetooth locks, mobile keys or fingerprint-activated keys could allow a keyless experience. It provides a contactless experience as guests don’t have to pick up used keys or worry about losing them inside or outside the room.

The hoteliers also would be released from issuing new keys now and then. 

  • Robot Delivering

Hoteliers, especially after Covid, try to use smart technology advancements in AI to bring a unique experience to visitors. The peak of AI technology is robot room servicers. 

The Robot services could involve: use the robot’s butler in delivering various room services. Robots could move between the various Hotel floors collecting and delivering items to customers. 

They could also do the job of housekeeping or cleaning the lobbies. They could also occupy a concierge role in the Hotel, or welcome visitors providing them with customer needs to reduce human contact. 

This technology will result in reducing the responsibility and the number of staff required for operating the hotel. The best part here is that the customers’ experience when dealing with robots’ services will reflect a pleasant experience. Robots could help in designing an environment more COVID-secure.

Technology in Hotel Lobbies and Lounges

Hoteliers need to think of their hotel as a business center. We mean, the hotel is a place where guests (who usually come for business purposes) can get out of their rooms for relaxation or mind refreshing. But, they also need to get their work done.

Some suggestions here would involve:

  • Designed Lounges for conferences and meetings with high-density Wi-Fi.
  • Digital conference facilities such as audio-visual (AV) and digital facilities for conferences.
  • High technology Working spaces on-demand.

Voice Search & Voice Control

Voice Search is a growing need in the hospitality industry. A remarkable number of guests are not using the online voice search to google hotels and other hospitality services. 

So, it is worth taking the time to optimize the hotel’s website or application for the function.

This is a nutshell of the technology solutions offered by BITS Arabia. Don’t miss contacting BITS Arabia for more pioneering systems integration and IT hospitality solutions.

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