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Why Hospitality and Technology Must Go Hand in Hand?

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Hospitality Technology

The hospitality industry is evolving as one of the largest industries in the world. It is an excellent example of an industry that grew in response to the growth of customer needs. Your aim as a hotelier is to stay on top of today’s market by improving service and efficiency.  A hotel must adapt its services to the changing needs and lifestyles of its customers to increase their loyalty and retention. In recent years, hospitality and technology have been the primary agitators to help hoteliers innovate their service offerings and deliver added value to their guests. 

With the developing value of business events – which with latest studies showed that it generated $10.3 trillion in direct spending. The hospitality industry can no longer rely on good meals and clean rooms to attract guests. Hotels and large venues started to compete to stand out by offering a unique experience. 

Importance of hospitality technology for clients and guests.

With health awareness increasing due to COVID-19, guests are more concerned with venues’ cleanliness. Thus, smart hotels are using the latest smart technology for customers’ comfortable experiences. There are many ways for service providers to take advantage of technology to be the leader of the competition. The hospitality technology solutions you offer will enhance the guests’ experience. Below, we will demonstrate some of the hospitality technology systems needed for every service provider. 

-Reducing guest “touch.”

Guests can control almost every detail of their stay by their phone or with voice controls. From checking in and getting into the elevator to controlling the TV, every command can be touchless.

-The usage of IoT in cleaning protocols.

To reach health standards, hospitality service providers are using the newest technology in cleaning. From the brand-new electrostatic disinfecting instruments to smart hand sanitizer dispensers that alert when product is low.

-Comfortable guest rooms.

With the social distancing actions, guests are most likely to be spending most of their stay in their hotel rooms. Hence, guest rooms should be more dynamic, relaxing, and make the customers feel at home.

-In-room digital assistants.

Train some devices to respond to certain commands like, “make me a reservation for a massage,” and save a lot of time and effort. 

-Short-term rentals.

Rent out technology basics like chargers for guests who forget theirs at home.

Delivering an experience that meets your guest’s expectations isn’t a piece of cake but also it is not impossible. Nowadays, hospitality service providers compete to offer an experience the guest will remember. BITS Arabia provides the latest hospitality technology systems to assist you in delivering the best customer experience. As we are the superior supplier of the latest technology solutions for hospitality tech companies.

BITS Arabia’s hospitality technology solutions:

ICT Systems:

There are many benefits of ICT systems and their application in the hospitality industry. ICT systems offer a broad range of solutions for hotels and venues that influence efficiency in the areas of marketing and sales. They also facilitate interactive communication between guests and hoteliers. Because of ICT systems, the impact of online reviews and hotel selections has increased widely.

Traditional hospitality services are advertised on the Internet and published in brochures, and catalogs. On the other hand, digital messages are very attractive to customers. ICT systems allow the identification of consumer profiles and offer personalized services. It allows the distribution of marketing messages with minimal cost. 

The adoption of ICT systems supports the efficient functioning of the hotel. The ICT systems have measurable impacts on hotel productivity, employee satisfaction, service quality, and innovation. For today’s consumers, the Internet has become an important source of knowledge of products and services. Thus, companies that do not provide information about their offerings and their virtual market value are losing their competitive position. BITS Arabia provides beneficial solutions regarding the ICT systems technologies, such as: 

  • -Networking
  • -IP Telephony 
  • -IPTV 
  • -Digital Signage 

Security Systems:

Security systems technologies for hotels in the hospitality industry is crucial because it protects employees, guests, and assets. It has an important role in the management and safety of hotels, entertainment facilities, and accommodation in the hospitality industry. 

There are various ways you can control and improve your hotel and venue security. It can start by getting high-quality monitoring software technology that is well-designed to cover key business areas, including inputs and outputs. With BITS Arabia’s security systems technologies, keep your venue immune to all incidents. We provide Security systems solutions such as:

  • -IP Surveillance
  • -Access Control  
  • -Fire Alarm

AV Systems:

AV Systems technology is playing an increasingly significant role in the digital technology in hospitality industry. Instead of scanning brochures, visitors can use interactive touch screens, interactive maps of the hotel’s local attractions, restaurant recommendations, and other features. BITS Arabia AV technology systems will show that your facility has high-quality and sophisticated technology for the hospitality industry. Hospitality is all about providing innovative services and an unforgettable experience for your guests. 

In BITS Arabia, we provide innovative AV systems solutions such as:

– Dynamic Audio-Video Solutions.

Communication is a necessity for an outstanding customer experience. 

Despite the importance of technology in the hospitality industry, customers’ direct communication is essential for an outstanding experience. For instance, if there was a small venue needed for an event, be clear with the planner and prepare all the details. Be straightforward about any restrictions or limitations beforehand so there would be no surprises. When the event begins, stay in contact with the planner for any sudden incidents that may need your attention. 

Contact BITS Arabia today to learn all about digital technology in hospitality industry.

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