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All You Need to Know about Public Address Systems in 2021

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All You Need To Know About Public Address Systems

What is Public Address System? 

The public address system (or PA system) is the electronic system connecting the system owner with the public. For example, if the business team wants to inform the public about something or announce an emergency, employees use PA systems. The public addressable system distributes the sound through the assigned venue\s or building\s. 

The system is suitable for background sounds as well as speech. It involves microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and many related components and equipment mentioned below.

There are many different types of Public Address systems depending on the number of audiences and the cost of the service. BITS Arabia helps you to choose the best suitable public address sound system suitable for your hotel business.

What is the importance of The Public Address Sound System?

There are several advantages of the Public Address System especially for big businesses and the hospitality industry. 

  • It enables the business owner to immediately address all the visitors easily. Communication with your location residents is crucial, especially for larger businesses and organizations.
  • PA System’s sound background cuts the background noise in the location by the suitable sound system for all visitors.
  • The system needs fewer maintaining processes and a low installation cost.
  • PA Systems are necessary in emergency times. Therefore, modern business buildings shouldn’t go without using one of the types of public address systems.

Public Address Equipment and Components:

The equipment required for the PA system varies from one type to another. But there are some basic components of the public addressable system:

  • Loudspeaker & Power Amplifier

PA Systems require several loudspeakers designed to convert electrical energy into acoustic energy. In simple terms, they translate the electronic energy to audible air understood by our ears. When using loudspeakers in larger areas, subwoofers are needed to properly reproduce low frequencies.


The power amplifier (power amp) and monitors are entitled to receive the audio signals and then increase the output of their power. Some of the modern loudspeakers are designed to have the amplifier built into.

  • Microphones

Dynamic or Condenser Microphones, unlike speakers, convert voice energy into electrical energy. Quality Microphone is a major factor to have a good quality sound. Surprisingly, they are becoming less expensive.

  • Audio Mixer

Analog or Digital audio Mixer’s main job is to take in all audio signal sources and combine the stored signals into unified output. 

  • Cables & Accessories

The veins of the public addressable system are the cables connecting all the components. Using some quality cables is necessary and is somehow expensive. But if you are using an IP system in the building, you can connect the PA system over the IP system saving a lot of costs.

  • Signal Processors

Signal processors (such as equalizers, compressors, limiters, and more) are the devices entitled to alter the audio signals coming from the microphone. Their main job is to enhance the overall quality of the sounds.

There are other Public Address Equipment, but the above components are the main equipment used in the PA systems.

Types of Public Address System

There are several types of public address systems. The variations are based on the location of where the system is installed, the type of software, the number of audiences, and more. Regardless of the type you choose, you can optimize the size of your system as you like.

Below we mention the most famous types of PA systems used in the Hospitality Industry:

Small Public Address Sound Systems

The small PA systems are usually battery-powered portable systems. The systems are optimized for speech as well as background sound. The system’s components are so simple: a microphone (or an equivalent recorded sound playback device), one or more loudspeakers, and an amplifier. 

The systems are suitable for small venues and meeting rooms. They also could be extended to cover the entire building or restaurant or hotel, but that required more loudspeakers and amps.

Large Distributed Public Address Systems

Large distributed PA systems are very similar to the smaller ones. But it typically has more amplifiers designed to output high power at high voltage. The high voltage is transmitted through hundreds or thousands of small loudspeakers distributed in various locations.

This is suitable for the hospitality industry, for example. Hoteliers could distribute small speakers throughout the hotel rooms, lounges, halls, and more. 

Telephone Paging Systems in PA Systems

A Paging system is another way of addressing the public. It acts as a link that connects the PA system amplifiers and speakers to the telephone. For example, you speak a message on the telephone, the networking speakers then broadcast the message. 

PA over IP Systems

IP Based Network Public Address system is a new IT solution offered by BITS Arabia. Public Address over Internet Protocol refers to the system installed by the PA system through the existent IP networking in the building. The PA over IP system replaces the central amplifiers with the IP networking devices. Network-attached amplifiers and intercoms are used to distribute the audio signals to locations across the building\s.

The IP public address system does not require new IP networks. It rather exploits the existing type of IP system.

Wireless Mobile Telephony (WMT) PA Systems

Wireless Mobile Telephony (WMT) Public Address Systems is a new IT solution BITS Arabia presents. It refers to the paging system that uses the existing wireless mobile telephony systems instead of a centralized amplifier.

The system distributes the audio signals to the GSM transceivers. It then reproduces the analog audio signals through a power amplifier and loudspeakers. Other wireless mobile communication devices are used, such as the existent sound system and back-end systems.

Best Public Address Systems

If you decided on a suitable PA system for your business. You need now to select the best public address systems available in the market. Your decision should be based on the particular circumstances of your budget and business nature. BITS Arabia is the best IT company supplier offering trending solutions for your business PA system.

One of the best-used PA systems is the “Bose L1 Compact PA System.” It will function well in small venues, for example, a hotel café. 

On the other hand, Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I Portable PA System is used for larger buildings. The Yamaha system comes at an affordable price. The system is suitable for schools, community centers, hotels, and more.

The Europort EPS500MP3 is another PA system for small\medium-sized venues. It requires no dedicated technical staff. It also eliminates the usage of expensive cables.

JBL EON206P Portable PA System is one of the leading professional audio systems. It could be used in large-sized venues such as big restaurants and hotels.

Price of Public Address Systems

The Cost of PA Systems may range from $489 to $5000+. The price depends on the number and the quality of amps, loudspeakers, cables, switches, and more. The cost could be as high as $20,000 when using the highest levels of technology for large-sized venues.

BITS Arabia’s Solutions for Public Address Systems

BITS Arabia is the leading IT supplier to the hospitality industry in KSA. We offer unique solutions for world-class public address systems. 

Our service manages all the IT services of your business. The PA system offered by BITS Arabia could be integrated with your other systems. This involves security management, access control,  IP surveillance, IP telephony, and more.

BITS Arabia has been working with the major business in the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia. Contact BITS Arabia Now!

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