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The Complete Guide to GRMS | Hotel Guest Room Control Systems

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The Complete Guide To GRMS | Hotel Guest Room Control Systems

Hotel Guest Room Control Systems

A full technological hotel room has not become a mere choice for the hospitality industry. It rather became a necessity with the advance of artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things). Hoteliers either choose to develop their business or will leave the door open for the other competitors to do.

Hotel visitors are now looking for more technologies. Two-third of hotel guests are expecting to see more technology advancements in the hotel especially in their rooms. Most of the Hoteliers now are paying more attention to spending more budget on hotel technology. So, it is your decision: win or lose.

What is GRMS (Guest Room Management System)?

The GRMS (Guest Room Management System) offered by BITS Arabia is a full technology-based hospitality room management system. It is one of BITS Arabia’s hotel system solutions.  It could be defined as the invisible butler that his main job is to make visitors enjoy their stay at your hotel. Hence, it is a hotel guest room control system based on an automation system. The main objective of using a GRMS system is to satisfy guests’ preferences and expectations consistently.

In this article, we will discuss one of the biggest hotel management solutionsThe Guest Room Management System (GRMS)”. BITS Arabia is the best Company Technology supplier offering this service in Saudi Arabia. The features of the GRMS mentioned in this article are based on the service presented by BITS Arabia. 

Best Practices of Hotel Guest Management System

The technology of the Room Management System is the only way for hoteliers to be the leading competitors in the industry. When it comes to in-room technology, there’s a lot of technologies usable in the Hotel room depending on the budget.

The hotel guest room control system is based on accommodation hotel rooms with special tablets, iPads, or a special app. These devices allow the visitors to control room temperature, lighting, HVAC system, audio systems, curtains, TV, and other options in the room. They also allow them to request various room services and housekeeping.

Here are the details:

DND (Do not Disturb) & MUR (Make-up Room) Management

Hoteliers could install a wireless switch or clever buttons to change the “Do not disturb” mode to “Clean my room” mode or vice versa. Interel room management system makes it possible for the staff to see the status of each room to manage the housekeeping.

Motorized Curtains Control Management

A dedicated switch or an authorized app could control the close\open options. The same would also apply to rolling shutters. Complete automation of window shades, shutters, and blinds offers a unique experience for visitors.

High-Speed WiFi

This could be the best and most needed in-Room Technology feature. Based on WiFi, your business visitors make up their mind on staying in a certain hotel based on the in-room WiFi Quality. Guests spend a lot of time in their room searching for the places they want to visit. Poor internet connection will frustrate them causes a negative experience, thus, won’t relive the experience again.

Keyless Room Door 

Lock management is a new developing technology in the hospitality industry. It focuses on the IoT of the doors to be connected via the internet. The keyless entry system is available for the user once he downloads the hotel app upon booking. The room key in the app is encrypted in the guests’ mobile number to use only during their booked visit. 

Guest Room Energy Management 

Guest room energy management refers to all room devices that use energy. This would include the lighting system, HVAC system, audio systems, TV, and others. Using devices that are connected to the service control, thus,  hoteliers can increase the convenience of the guest experience. 

It always keeps the room at the right temperature, lighting, background voice according to the comfort needs. It is also helpful for hotels managing energy consummation. The system uses sensors in the room watching the occupation of the room. They turn off the HVAC and lighting system, for example, when the guest exits the room keeping a comfortable temperature.

Welcome Guests

One of the innovative guest room technologies is welcoming activities. When the guest opens the door for the first time, the GRMS system displays a welcoming activity showing off the technology used in the room. It automatically displays a lighting scene, opens curtains, HVAC, turns the TV on, room scenes, housekeeping alerts, and more.

Benefits of GRMS system | Guest Room Management System

Besides the memorable guest experience, this technology reduces the hotel energy cost. 

Whilst hotel rooms are not occupied 70% of the time, yet they consume about 40-80% of the total hotel energy. When you apply such technology, it will help you get rid of unnecessary energy consummation. Studies show that GRMS may reduce the total energy by 25% – 50%, thanks to the sensors.

When you apply GRMS, the installed sensors will get you a boatload of data helping you understand your guest’s preferences. Analyzing this data will help you present the best service for similar guests in the future.

GRMS system can also be integrated with the hotel BMS (Building Management System) and PMS (Property Management System). The integration would enable global management of the hotel’s building and operation. Besides, when you integrate the GRMS room management system with the PMS, the data of guest’s habits can be saved in the system. Next time the visitor comes, his favorites habits are automatically launched.

BITS Arabia for GRMS Solutions

BITS Arabia offers the best hotel management solutions in Saudi Arabia. BITS Arabia allows the GRMS systems to be interoperable with most PMS and BMS available in the market. Our solutions will give your business an opportunity to increase occupancy.  

Contact BITS for hotel system solutions and stay far above your competitors.

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