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Top 7 Technologies to Personalize Your Hotel Services in 2022

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Technologies To Personalize Your Hotel Services

Hoteliers must consider Customizing their services to provide personalized experiences for their hotel guests. It enhances guests’ loyalty to your business. Modern hotel technologies would provide unique and richer tools to achieve that.

The methods won’t only provide hotel technologies that are general for all types of guests. There are rather several opportunities to leverage new technologies to effectively personalize the service to every one of your guests.

Why Must Hoteliers Personalize Their Hotel Services?  

Here are some facts that you need to take into consideration:

  • 80 – 87% of guests are more likely to purchase your hotel service when you offer personalized experiences.
  • 64% – 70% of hotel guests would like to visit hotels that provide personalizing technologies such as the ones presented in this article.
  • A recent study argued that the personalization of the hotel guest experience is not a choice anymore, it is rather win-or-lose. 
  • Hoteliers that implement – even a primitive version of – personalized experiences are receiving revenue increase by 6% to 10%. That is 2-3 times more than their competitors who didn’t.

It is now important for hoteliers to fine-tune digital leverage in the hotel. The purpose is to deliver a unique personalized service to drive the loyalty of their visitors.

Top 7 Technologies for Hotel Personalized Experiences

Here are the best 7 hotel technologies that offer personalized experiences based on the service provided by BITS Arabia

  1. In-room technology

The trendiest hotel technology that helps you provide a unique and personalized experience is in-room technologies. All the technologies applied are to be accessed and customized remotely and digitally.

This would include having free and fast WiFi, smart TVs, auto-curtains, AI coffee machines, advanced lighting systems, sensors, customized HVAC, and more. Besides the benefits of these technologies to hoteliers. They also reduce the total operating costs related to energy consumption.

  1. Hotel Virtual and Augmented Reality | VR & AR

VR and AR refer to wearable devices. They will enable visitors to be deeply involved in a digital environment. This technology also uses certain helpful sounds, backgrounds, images, and physical sensations. It would offer a unique and unparalleled user experience.

Based on a recent study conducted by YouGov, AR and VR are two of the best hotel technology to offer personalized experiences:

  • 64% of millennials are more likely to visit your hotel if your hotel offers the technology of augmented and virtual reality.
  • 31% of your visitors would come back again when they experience AR and VR.

Instead of browsing your hotel’s website, guests could experience the hotel before visiting it. They could also virtually visit nearby places.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive and interactive hotel technologies are very effective in the hospitality industry. This Artificial Intelligence software takes the forms of voice and written chatbots. They take voice or written commands and automatically respond based on the stored data.

It is reported that 63% of hotel guests would prefer to stay in a hotel that provides voice and writing chatbots. Although it does not have a human-level language right now, it is developing based on the data you have.

AI bots are helpful in the hospitality industry. They would provide instant 24/7 customer service for inquiries with no waiting. They found, solve, and even predict the problem very early, freeing up your manpower for more complex tasks.

Visitors could also command the bot “Siri or Alexa for example,” to do a certain task. They would say: “Siri, please open the TV, close the curtains, and turn on the customized lighting.” 

The IA-based bots could also suggest some places to visit or activities to do. Recommendations are based on the data stored about the behaviors of visitors who share similar preferences. It is awesome, isn’t it!

This Machine Learning process would also help you compile and leverage more relative data to guests’ behaviors. This would help in providing better service and better marketing in the future in a more personalized way.

  1. Geolocation Technology | Beacon

The Geolocation Technology of Beacon is area-based sensors installed in or out of your hotel’s locations. Your hotel guest could receive messages through their smartphone’s Bluetooth. The messages offer useful information about this place and what they can do there.

It is an innovative method to interact with the guest and make your hotel the center of his trip. It helps you build loyalty and trust with your guests. 

It also provides huge data about your guests’ behaviors, activities, and reviews. This would later improve your overall human and AI-based services. 

  1. The Mobile is The King | IoT

If you are interested in modern hotel technologies, you would know how important IoT is. IoT technology refers to connecting physical objects embedded with sensors to exchange data with other smart devices. The interaction is processed through the internet.

You need to focus on optimizing your hotel for smartphones. This would include mobile check-in and check-out, Near Field Communication (NFC), mobile payments, softkeys, apps, and more.

But this needs you to invest in cybersecurity. It’s more than protecting your guests’ credit card data, but also all your systems in the hotel.

  1. Robot Services

Robots are commonly used in the hospitality industry after COVID. But they are helpful and can have a wide range of uses to provide a contactless experience. 

Although owning robots would be expensive at the beginning. They would reduce the total operational cost of your hotel. They could be good assistants for room service, housekeeping services, luggage carrying, front desk procedures, and more.

  1. Build Guest Profiles

Data analytics of your hotel information are essential for the modern hospitality industry. All the data needed for your guest profiles are usually in the data processed by the automated property management system (PMS).

These data would help you in three main ways:

  • Present personalized service to return guests based on their previous visit. 
  • Present customized service to new guests based on previous types of visitors who share some similarities.
  • Present better overall service by analyzing the big data you have of your visitors’ behaviors.

BITS Arabia for Hotel Personalization Solutions

BITS Arabia is the leading technology supplier for the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We could help you offer unique personalized experience solutions for your hotel visitors.

Contact BITS Arabia Now for integrated solutions for your hotel and lead your industry competition.

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