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The Best 8 Smart Hotel Technologies Applicable in 2022

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The Best 8 Smart Hotel Technologies Applicable

Modern technologies for hotels have become the most demanded feature in the hospitality industry. It is a win-or-lose game. Hoteliers would either use modern technology in their hotels. Or they will lose the competition leaving room for their competitors.

One of the latest studies about the future of the hospitality market. It states that the global use of technology in the hospitality industry will dramatically double in market size by 2025. In addition to the unparalleled user experience that hotel technology trends offer. COVID19 has boosted this necessity of technology, and we see that technology has become a necessity in 2022.

What Do People Mean by Smart Hotel Technology?

Smart Hotel Technology is the presence of digital control for both hoteliers and visitors in the hotels. Smart hotels are the one that enables the visitors, employees, services, and systems to be internet-connected. 

It offers a digitalized experience for interaction with everyone and everything in your hotel. It is human-machine cooperation to create a better guest experience. Sometimes referred to as the IoT (Internet of Things).

BITS Arabia, the leading technology provider for the hospitality industry in the KSA, could provide you with all the hotel technologies you need. Technology would be anything from, contactless check-in, smart room keys,

What will Hoteliers Benefit from Smart Hotel Technology?

It would be better to put yourself in the shoes of your hotel visitors. You enter a hotel welcoming you with robots carrying your luggage. You check-in and check-out through your smartphone or a digital device at the entrance.

During your visit, you can customize everything around you digitally. Totally smart rooms, the preferred level of lights and temperature, the favorite background sound, and much much more. 

Hoteliers could also personalize everything to suit and welcome the visitors using the available data about him/them. Visitors will feel the WOW factor. Your hotel is all that they are talking about and their digital experience there.

It also improves the business itself, not just the luxury of the visitor’s experience. Such as:

  • The improvement of sustainability by providing energy-saving opportunities reduces hotel expenses.
  • Automatic maintenance and repairing. The IoT system simultaneously informs your hotel staff of all the performance and operation data. This enables them to fix the issues in real-time, or even before their occurrence.
  • It is so helpful in marketing. The systems gather huge data about your customers that will help you personalize the guest experience. The data could also be so much helpful to your Artificial Intelligence Marketing team. 
  • Technology offers less operational running costs by reducing the number of manpower operations.

8# Best Smart Hotel Technologies in 2022

Here we compiled the top hotel technologies to smart up your hotel based on the services.

1. Smart Hotel Rooms

The top hotel technology that is most demanded by the guests is smart hotel rooms. This technology allows guests to digitally personalize and customize their rooms. They match their preferences remotely or through their smart devices. 

A Smart Hotel room would include, for example:

  • Smart TVs, 
  • Multi-media hubs, 
  • Auto-curtains, 
  • Intelligent coffee machines, 
  • Automatic heating systems, 
  • Customized sound systems, 
  • Sensors-based lighting system, 
  • Robot housekeepers, 
  • Soft keys, 
  • and more.

All these technologies can be personalized and customized remotely and digitally. Besides, this technology will help to automatically reduce the energy consumption of guest rooms when guests are out.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT technology focuses on connecting various devices using a central internet system. This would transform your hotel into a touchless place where everything is responding digitally.

For example, visitors could use mobile check-in technology instead of the front desk. Besides the touchless experience, this service would speed up the arrival process. The same thing would be true for contactless payment technology.

3. Robots

Robots technology for the hospitality industry has a wide range of popularity among hoteliers. Its main job is to provide contactless services. They do very well at the front desk, room service, housekeeping service assistants, and more.

You may whisper to yourself saying “it is science fiction, or extremely and unaffordable expensive”. But many hotels are using robots in their hotel workforce. Although they are expensive at the beginning, they will reduce the total operational cost of your hotel.

4. Air Filtering Systems

One of the elite hotel technologies is the air filtering systems that provide the guest with an unparalleled stay. The World Health Organization reported that 9 of 10 around the world breathe polluted air. 

Air filtering systems are to clean and purify the hotel air from pollutants and allergens. Guests would have a unique experience from the first seconds of their visit to the hotel. It is the blessing of breathing fresh air that is not anymore available.

5. AI Chat & Voice Service

The AI chat service offers your hotel visitors conversational assistance. It is based on huge data collected about your guests, services, and solutions. Based on what is known as machine learning, the bots can provide customized replies to all your guests’ queries 24/7.

This technology has become available for voice ordering as well, such as the famous Siri and Alexa. Visitors order other devices to do a certain task you specified. You say: “Alexa, open YouTube on the TV and enable my customized lighting,” and it is all done.

The bots could also recommend other excursions based on the data of this type of visitor who shares similar preferences. It is unimaginably amazing, doesn’t it!

This would help you gather more data for the future development of your AI service. It also provides an early recovery of problems and frees up your manpower for more complex tasks.

6. Occupancy Based Sensors

This is an Energy Saving system for hotels. Occupancy-based sensors are great in reducing your hotel energy costs. They contain motion detectors or thermal sensors enabling them to feel the occupancy of every corner in your hospitality. Where there is no occupancy, there is no power on.

The IoT devices could also be connected to management systems with these sensors. This integrated system would be great at reducing your hotel’s energy usage. This would include reducing the consumption of air conditioning, lighting, room devices, and all other energy-connected systems.

This will ensure that we only use electricity when we actually need it without the guest being bothered. One of the hotels that applied this system is Chatwal Hotel. They saved a 90% reduction = $124,255 annual energy consumption for lighting alone. 

7. Hotel App for PMS and Guests

PMS “property management systems” installed as mobile apps are brilliant to manage your hotel anywhere. The app provides you with full and remote control over your hotel. You will be able to assign, follow and accomplish every kind of task related to management from the convenience of your smartphone.

The app is also essential for visitors. It allows guests to finish all the front desk requirements before arriving. They can also customize their room technologies, reserve parking spots, and more.

8. Near Field Communication Technology

NFC technology for hotels refers to the touchless methods that enable people to transfer any kind of data from one smart device to a nearby one. For instance, NFC for payment.

Smart Up Your Hotel with BITS Arabia

BITS Arabia is the leading IT supplier for the hospitality industry in the KSA. We mentioned here some of the many hotel technology solutions BITS Arabia offers. But there are still many more solutions for all the aspects of your hotel. 

We have been able to cooperate with the remarkable hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for years. Contact BITs Arabia Now for integrated solutions for your hotel.

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