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Voice over IP Telephony

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Voice Over IP Telephony

For any industry to rise at its utmost level, it needs excellent communication with its clients. Some business owners depend on standard phone systems that demanded extensive cabling infrastructure. When nowadays, the IP telephony system provides better service and adequate communications. The Voice over IP telephony system allows you to receive phone calls over the internet.

A voice-over IP telephony system is developed to ease phone calls between phones and other telephone companies. In a span of a moment, the best IP telephony system would convert phone calls into data. The data are exchanged between the connected device and the IP telephony providers. Forget the cabling infrastructure when you upgrade to using the IP telephony service. It is a revolutionary alternative to all local standard telephone companies. 

4 Steps | How to get started with the VOIP solution in 2022?

1- The IP telephony providers 

Choosing the right VoIP IP telephony provider is one of the most significant steps toward your upgrade. The VoIP IP telephony provider shall be reliable and have a reputation for outstanding customer service. The provider shall deliver an effortless yet efficient solution such as:

  • Intuitive solution.
  • Smooth experience across devices.
  • Functions with a single click.
  • Real-time admin.
  • Real-time management.
  • Scalability.
  • Security.
  • Troubleshooting and customer service assistance shall be included in the cost, mainly during the set-up.

2-Telephony VoIP  Equipment.

With a voice-over IP solution, you won’t need many pieces of equipment. No hardware to maintain on-site, only decide which type of phones you prefer based on your business needs:

  • IP desk phones 
  • Softphones 
  • A mobile app

3- Check Your Network Requirements

For the best IP telephony system, It is a must to have a good internet connection. Before you switch to the IP telephony service you need to check your bandwidth needs. You need to try a high-speed broadband connection to make sure you have much bandwidth to cover the lines using the service. 

 4- Test the IP telephony system 

As with any technological upgrade, you should always do a trial before you launch. BITS Arabia is your guaranteed VoIP provider, as we have a team of experts. Our team will walk you through the installation process and make sure everything is functioning with ease.

Technology upgrades might be intimidating, but with BITS Arabia, making the switch to a VoIP system is hassle-free. BITS Arabia will be there with you, making sure there are no issues and keeping downtime to a minimum.

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