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Hoteliers Complete Guide to VoIP Telephony Systems in 2022

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The hospitality industry is based on good communication with customers. Some hoteliers used to rely on wired-based phone systems that required extensive cabling infrastructure. But the voice-over IP telephony systems offer better service and better communication options. 

BITS Arabia is one of the leading IP telephony companies in the KSA for hospitality technology solutions. We offer you a high-standard IP telephony with the least total cost.

What is Voice over IP Phone System (VoIP)?

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony system is an advanced technology that enables receiving phone calls over the internet. It is an alternative choice to all local traditional telephone companies. 

You don’t need cabling infrastructure to use a VoIP telephone. All you need is a device connecting to the internet, such as a computer or a cell phone. If you have strong Wi-Fi, the VoIP can depend totally on it. If you don’t, using Ethernet cables is the alternative to Wi-Fi.

A VoIP phone system is designed to facilitate phone calls between phones and other telephone companies. In a fraction of a second, the VoIP system would convert phone calls into data. These data are exchanged between the connected device and the Voice over IP providers. 

VoIP operation in simple steps:

  1. The phone is connected to your router LAN.
  2. The Voice over IP provider gives you a call.
  3. The VoIP systems exchange data packets from the cell phone IP. 
  4. The digital signal is then converted into sounds for both parties to hear.

The Voice over IP for businesses also presents other IP functions. Such as voicemail, call recording, call forwarding, and more.

What is The Difference Between Various Types of Telephone Systems?

Before going deeper into the benefits of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony systems, let’s have a fair background on the other types of telephone systems. There are three main systems of hotel telephone: Analog, VoIP, and SIP trunking.

Analog telephone systems are traditional landline systems that need to have extra telecom cabling and hardware. The system depends on an on-premises PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that creates an internal network for phones.

Voice over IP phone system is a digital or hosted phone service. It depends on the existing internet connection and converts sounds into data packets. There is no hardware required, only your computer or smartphone. The other unique feature is that it transmits the calls to Voice over IP providers that direct to PSTNs (Public Switched Telephone Network).

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking is a (VoIP) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that provides a streaming media service. It is the same as the VoIP system, the main difference is that SIP can transfer multimedia data not just voice data. But SIP requires a better technical background for operation.

Features of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) Telephony System

The internet-based telephony system provides much better communications. VoIP phone systems make hoteliers and their guests enjoy incredible benefits.

  • Reduction of the total cost

If the hoteliers use the PBX system, they need to build an outstanding infrastructure of cables. This system also requires configuration fees, monthly costs, IT support, per-line expenses, and more. All of these factors will add a very high additional cost.

However, the VoIP system is a free-cable system. You can use the available internet network. In addition, when you need to expand your phone service for future demand. You can only strengthen your network connection, rather than the cable infrastructure.

Furthermore, the VoIP system is easier to manage and operate. It increases productivity and decreases labor costs. Some reports state that VoIP telephony systems will lower the total cost by over 65%.

  • Better System Maintenance

The use of PBX phone systems, makes the system vulnerable to more issues. Because the PBX systems involve complicated physical components that require tremendous maintenance.

The Voice over IP phone system is rather maintained and updated by your IP provider. When a problem happens, and it is rare, give a call to the IP telephony company to quickly fix it with no additional cost.

  • Better Management of Incoming Calls

Voice-over IP phone systems will provide your hotel with unique management benefits of your incoming calls. It provides the caller with a welcoming experience, which is better than just being put on hold immediately.


The IP system provides you, for example, with the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. It automates your incoming call menu call options and responses. The given interactive menu directs the guest to the entitled department or person. 

It also provides some FAQs and their answers. It could also make an auto reservation without confusing your staff. You can now easily improve the quality and operation of your phone service. This is done without investing in more costs and without having more staff members.

  • Better Call Quality

The VoIP telephone technology provides a far better sound quality than the PBX systems. The VoIP-based sound is not muffled or fuzzy. This leads to the satisfaction of your guest, and the professionalism in your communication.

  • Remote Teams

After the Covid pandemic, phone service managers realized the importance of having a Voice over IP phone system for the continuity of their phone service. Employees can install the software on your company’s laptop, and do the tasks at home. 

This will also provide a flexible workflow and could reduce the cost of offices, allowances, ..etc.

  • Mobile and Desktop Software

If you use a traditional phone system, you will be so familiar with missed calls. But with the VoIP telephony systems, this phenomenon is the one that is missed. 

If you are out of the office, voice-over IP providers will offer you a software for your computer and an app for your phone. This will enable your managers to handle important calls at any time.

VoIP(voice over internet protocol) Systems With BITS Arabia

BITS Arabia is the KSA leading IT supplier and VoIP telephony provider to top businesses in the hospitality industry. We have been offering well-structured VoIP telephony to top-rated hotels for decades. We provide you with:

  • Reliable voice over IP for businesses with no downtime
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Multiple data centers
  • An automatic backup services
  • Highly secured systems
  • Expandable systems according to the business needs.

Contact BITS Arabia and enjoy the most effective VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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