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Fire Alarm

BITS Arabia offers a precise and intuitive fire alarm system specifically designed to detect danger, protect and alarm your facility.


Full Monitoring & Smart System

  • The technology comprises of full monitoring and fire detection system offered through a user-friendly interface, ensuring the whole building is monitored and protected against fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide.
  • A fire alarm is capable of recognizing the trigger point and providing a combination of audible and visual alert signals to everyone within the facility.
  • A remote signal system may be included in the fire alarm system, which may then inform the fire department via a central station.

Easy Distribution & System Scalability

  • Flexible wire infrastructure makes updating and expanding systems easier and more cost-effective.
  • Fire systems are installed in all critical areas including restaurants, kitchens, guest rooms, laundries, and stairways to ensure the possibility of a dangerous, potentially fatal situation occurring is mitigated.
fire alarm bits arabia

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