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Access Control

Create a safe and a comfortable place for your guests to stay in!

Access Control
Access Control

High-grade Security & Safety

  • A hotel access control solution identifies who has the authorization to enter each room. This degree of security can be used to keep guests out of restricted staff-only locations and increase guest safety.
  • These electronic, wire-free, and keyless systems provide a safe solution for managing all access points across a hotel including offices, exterior gates, business centers, fitness rooms, parking lots, and more.
  • Electronic locks with an encrypted credential reading by proximity or by Bluetooth via smartphones provide the reassurance guests seek and that the hotel wants to provide.

Energy-saving & Seamless Integration

  • The planned distribution of sensors and economizers reduces electricity consumption by up to 60% without affecting the quality of service experienced by the guest.
  • Access control can be integrated with numerous HR and Surveillance systems including an energy-saving system where a room comes to life automatically once the guest enters. Some of the features are the lights turning on, the temperature self-adjusting, and the window coverings opening.
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