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Prepare your Hotel Network for a New Tomorrow | 2022 Checklist

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Hotel Network

The Hotel network has become the cornerstone of any modern hotel. The WiFi is the hotel visitors’ breathing air. So, it is a little bit challenging for hoteliers to provide a stable, fast, reliable, and secure hotel network.

BITS Arabia presents the most effective hotel networking solutions for the hospitality industry in The kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We ensure that you get the maximum return on your technology investment.

Is Hotel Networking really important?

If you are working directly or indirectly with the hospitality industry, you would have surely recognized how important hotel networking is. Having a strong and stable wireless network in your hotel is not a choice anymore, it is a normal and crucial expectation.

There is a recent survey published by the University of Dubrovnik reporting an interesting statistic. It states that 90% of travelers expect to find fast and reliable WiFi access even in their rooms. Other studies report:

  • 1/3 of hotel visitors would not return to the hotel where they had experienced poor internet.
  • 70% of smartphone users decided to stay in a certain hotel based on their Wi-Fi experience there.
  • 65% of hotel guests check the internet during the first 7 minutes of their stay.

Hotel visitors are usually travelers who carry with them more than one smart device. Some surveys state that 45% of travelers would carry 2+ devices in the hotel. So they are expected to connect multiple devices. 


So, adopting a long-term network strategy is no more a choice, it is rather a business necessity. This will help any hotelier to win back his guest’s confidence. For that reason, BITS Arabia has designed a basic checklist to ensure the efficiency of your hotel network.

2022 Hotel Networking Checklist:

  • Analyze your Hotel requirements:

You need to first look at the needs of your business, meaning all the supposed IP systems, security systems, digital guest services, visitors’ devices, … etc. All smart devices are expected to access your network. You also need to detect the behavior of your visitors and their internet activities to decide the capacity.


This will help you put a networking strategy that would easily accommodate your current and future needs. You need to always conduct network capacity testing to know the bandwidth needed for your hotel network’s future demands.

  • Ensure that you have the right hotel network infrastructure:

A good hotel network infrastructure must provide reliable, fast,  and secure internet access. Your network infrastructure must provide you with the flexibility for future adjustments. Your IT team also needs to be qualified enough to successfully manage such a network.

  • Sufficient Power over Ethernet (PoE) 

Power over Ethernet (PoE) refers to the technology that utilizes the network cables to be able to transmit the electric power as well as the soft data. For large businesses, it is more crucial for various IP systems that require High Power-over-Ethernet.

  • Multi-layered Network Security 

You have to protect your hotel property and guests from any outside attacks using a strong firewall. You should secure the behavior of BYOD devices (devices of guests and employees). This could be achieved by designing multi-layered security systems defining the role-based access controls, firewalls, IDS/IPS, and profiling.

  • IoT Friendly Network

Hoteliers must ensure their hotel network is IoT friendly. IoT will improve the hotel’s operational efficiency for a better guest and management experience. Although the IoT automates the hotel, it introduces other security and technical challenges if not installed professionally.

  • Sufficient access points

Some hoteliers would tend to reduce the number of network access points for budgetary reasons. This behavior results in introducing really poor bandwidth and coverage gaps even if the network is strong and stable.

Due to the variety of devices connecting to the hotel network, you need to ensure that your hotel contains a sufficient number of access points. A large number of access points have to be well distributed all over the hotel wisely in the right positions. Many guests would also expect to have a special access point in their private rooms.

  • Get the suitable network service

You need to own a network infrastructure that is flexible and could be expanded in the future. The company equipment has to be reliable in terms of maintenance. You also should have the right service that your team could handle and maintain its operation.

  • Work with the right Technology Supplier

Your hotel always needs a technology supplier that will help you digitize your business. This partner will provide you with suitable IT solutions for your business. It will also ensure that you get the right return on your technology investment. 

The partner must provide comprehensive 24/7 support, and offer you fully managed services. He also has to provide long-term solutions. The IT solutions are preferred to be comprehensive to fully depend on one partner service.

BITS Arabia Offers Comprehensive Networking Solutions

BITs Arabia is a leading IT company that provides the best technological solutions for Hotel Networks. We design a suitable IT strategy for your hotel depending on your needs. It offers unique speed and quality solutions for your hotel network.

BITS Arabia IT services are comprehensive. We provide solutions for all IT aspects required in the hotel:

  • ICT systems such as networking, IP technologies, digital signage, guest room management systems.
  • Security Systems: such as IP surveillance, access control, and fire alarm systems.
  • AV Systems: such as audio-video systems, public address systems, and more.

BITS Arabia has been providing the leading hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 23+ years. We understand the local and international requirements for a successful hotel. We ensure that you get the maximum return on your technology investment.

Contact BITS Arabia NOW and prepare your hotel for a new tomorrow!

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