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Why is System Integration Essential for the Hospitality Industry?

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System Integration

Systems integration is one of the most essential elements in any modern business, especially in the hospitality industry. Integrating systems in your business helps you better manage and operate your hotel. It also reduces operational costs.

BITS Arabia is the most reliable system integrator in the KSA. BITS Arabia is the leading IT and technology supplier in Saudi Arabia with +23-years of experience in the Hospitality industry. We use the most effective system integration approach to help your business grow.

What is Systems Integration?

Systems integration refers to the process of joining or combining several separate systems, subsystems, or/and sub-components. When all systems are integrated, a graphical interface will appear as one larger and unified system that encompasses all of them. Hence, all the integrated systems will function as if they are a single system.

The objective of BITS Arabia system integration is to make all your business’s various IT systems engage with one another in the background. This will lead to less time, money, and effort spent to manage and operate all of them separately.

The systems that needed to be integrated don’t have to do similar functions, nor have to be in one location. Integrated systems could rather be different and distinct systems. However, it creates a unified access point controlling all the systems. 

Why is system integration necessary for Hotels?

The digital transformation is increasing in all businesses, especially in KSA hospitality. The hospitality industry has also become a developing IT business. Hotels have started to utilize the IoT “Internet of Things” and all other automotive technologies.

These IT-based businesses have ended up operating a big number of systems. that could be on-premise and/or on-cloud. According to the MuleSoft 2019 report, each big international business uses 900 different systems and subsystems on average.

Here is a practical System integration example: If your hotel operates only 10 systems, you surely need to integrate them. So, the main integrated systems for hotels would combine:

  • The temperature control systems
  • Door access systems
  • Security systems
  • Public address systems
  • Access control systems
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Utility monitoring systems
  • Elevator control systems
  • IP systems for surveillance
  • Room control systems
  • PLC equipment
  • Fire and alarm systems
  • Alternative systems for energy
  • The IoT system
  • Hotel networking systems
  • And many more!

All these hotel integrated systems would be managed and monitored anywhere and anytime from a single access point. This achieves the dominant functionality your business requires.

System Integration Benefits

There are some obvious advantages for the business enjoyed when using system integration in your hotel:

  • The efficiency of the management & workflow:

It is one of the best system integration benefits. The hotel’s various services exploit a significant measure of time and effort when manually handled one by one. Integrated systems would make the hotel workflow very easy as they help employees to better operate the hotel. 

The main integrated system would also help the managers to effectively manage all these massive systems from one access point.

  • Reduction of the total cost:

For hotels, operating various systems can be so expensive and lead to several errors. Each one of these systems would require specific teams to support and operate it, leading to the multiplication of tasks.

  • Enhance visitor loyalty 

System integration makes it easier for the visitor. Integration reduces the chances of confusing data and diminishes the time your employees spend on administrative procedures.

What Are The Types of System Integration? 

There are three main types of system integration:

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): 

System integration tools are used to unite your hotel databases on various applications. It ensures the constant updates of the data occurring on one application to the other systems as well.

  • Electronic Document Integration (EDI): 

It is a digital exchange of business documents using a specific and standard electronic format. System integration tools would replace paper-based documents and transactions with digital and paperless ones.

  • Data Integration (DI): 

It is the process where different data extracted from different sources are gathered in one location. It provides you with a unified view of all your hotel data.

How Can You Choose The Suitable System Integrator Partner? 

The role of any systems integrator is to enable the integration between data of various existing systems into one main system. This would refer to simple point-to-point connections, very complex many-to-many connections, or anything in between. It depends on the size of the business.

Here are three main elements that could help you identify the best system integrator. Here are the three main defining factors: choose either 3 main elements or 3 main factors??

  • The system integrator has to be aware of the requirements of your industry. In other words, your business software needs. It would be better if your partner is specialized in your specific industry.
  • You need to ensure that your systems integrator is qualified to deal with your exact systems based on the company’s portfolio.
  • You need to ensure that the System integration company will run a multi-functioning system. Meaning it will, for example, operate on multiple departments and involve all your staff.

BITS Arabia System Integration Services?

BITS Arabia is the leading technology supplier and system integrator in Saudi Arabia. We are specialized in the hospitality industry. BITS Arabia has been the IT supplier and the system integrator of the most popular hospitality businesses in the KSA for more than  23 years.

BITS ِArabia provides timely system integration services. We have several fee packages to suit your budget. Our KSA system integration experts in the hospitality industry understand the requirements and the development factors in the field. We know how to avoid unexpected errors in the system integration process. 

BITS Arabia would analyze your IT infrastructure and explore its landscape. Our IT integration team would also identify your business challenges. We then provide you with more comprehensive documentation of the most suitable and effective solutions for your business. 

In short, BITS Arabia has strong expertise over 23 years in systems integration related to the hospitality industry in the KSA. It provides the most exact suitable system integration solutions for your business.

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