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5 Technology Essentials in Hotels 2023

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5 Technology Essentials In Hotels 2023

2023 is just around the corner, and all hotels will be equipped with technology to offer hotel guests a luxurious and superior experience. If you are in the business of hospitality, staying abreast of what’s new is crucial to your success. Today, we’ll look at 5 key tech products that are bound to make an impact. While the word “hotel” conjures images of a Renaissance-era inn or even a blizzard-struck ski lodge, these days the term includes modern amenities like Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and small touch panels that control the whole room. 

1. GRMS and EMS -Guests will be able to control the room’s lighting and temperature, window blinds, TV, and hotels will save energy! 











GRMS and EMS can help hotels manage their customer relationships in real time through a single platform. With the right software, you can automatically record guest preferences, including food, beverage, amenities, and entertainment. This information is then used to create personalized messages for guests through email or text messaging. GRMS and EMS have an indirect impact on guest satisfaction, where hotels can save their resources and occupation rate and invest more in their facilities, personalization, and technology.

2. IPTV -We will see TVs becoming a one-stop shop for all entertainment needs













IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) allows hotels to deliver video content directly to guests’ devices without requiring them to log into their Wi-Fi networks or use an app. The system uses an IP address rather than a URL for each device so that the content can be streamed directly from the server to the viewer’s device without any interference from other devices on the network or interference from other devices using the same network.

3. Digital signage -The guests will be able to see and engage with the content you choose to present. 












This technology allows the hotel to communicate with guests more effectively. Digital signage can be used to inform guests about upcoming events, special offers, promotions, weather updates, facilities, and more. Digital signage will also allow you to send out important messages to guests such as fire drills, evacuation procedures, and other safety alerts.

4. Self-check-in kiosks allow guests to streamline their check-in process












Self-check-in kiosks are a great way to reduce wait times at the front desk and uplift customer service standards. The kiosks provide the guests with the benefit of checking themselves in quickly and easily while taking pressure off the front desk. which results in a more efficient and seamless check-in process for your guests and less hustle for your management. The kiosk can also handle other features, including fingerprint identification for secure guest authentication and payment. The kiosk also lets guests sign up for loyalty programs, upgrade their rooms, and print and re-print room keys!

5. Audio and Video











Audio and Video systems in hotels allow you to deliver an immersive experience for your guests by playing music throughout your property or playing soundtracks from your television channels or movie library. You can also display audio-visual materials that describe your property’s history or highlight nearby local attractions. Moreover, you will be able to display advertisements, promotions, or even live feeds from security cameras around your property so guests can see what’s happening around them. These systems can also be integrated with the Public Address system to inform your guests of important announcements. Audio and Video systems are also essential in today’s conference rooms and can be used in many different settings, including meetings, presentations, video conferences, and much more


We are looking forward to the next five years in hospitality. There will be a lot of changes in technology. We think these five technologies will help elevate the guest experience overall and we recommend that hotel operators keep an eye on emerging technologies that offer a best-in-class hospitality experience and enrich the guest experience.
Guests will be in total control of how they want their stay to be.


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