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Guest Room Management System

A highly reliable, cost-effective system that serves as the optimal solution to energy consumption control in your facility.


Seamless Integration for more Personalized Guest Experience

GRMS is an automated energy-saving system, seamlessly integrated into your facility to guarantee a personalized, connected, and intuitive digital experience in every operation.

  • Providing GRMS that integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of systems brings you intelligent and dependable automation for guest rooms.
  • Online monitoring and real-time information along with significant energy savings are provided with every action determined by the guest room management system.

Significant Energy-savings

  • GRMS is utilized to monitor and manage a number of amenities in each guest room including welcome messages, heating/cooling, and sleeping settings all controlled by the guest or hotel management.
  • Rooms use up to 80% of the total energy consumption of a facility. Additionally, up to 17% of visitors upgrade their stay with hotels offering GRMS services.
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