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Guest Self-Service Portals Are a Hot Topic in Hospitality 2023, Here Is Why!

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Guest Self-Service Portals

Technology dominates the hospitality sector– customized online portals for hotels are a must to keep guests satisfied, engaged, and communicating. Guest Self-Service Portals for hotels will be playing a vital role in guests taking control of their stay through on-demand ordering for any type of service from food and beverage to transportation and facility booking!

What Is a Guest Self-Service Portal For? 

The great thing about guest self-service portals is that they can be customized to any hospitality facility in terms of the number and type of services available for guests to self-serve or self-book.

From making reservations, ordering food, booking a transfer, check-in, checkout, and requesting special services to get loyalty benefits, hotel users are impressed by the integration of various features on a single platform.

Convenient, Efficient, and Utterly Satisfying

Say a guest stays at your hotel on a business trip. Chances are, they’ll be more than busy during the day, with meetings and events to attend and deadlines to meet. But at night after work, it can get hectic. Your guest has countless options to choose from. Where should they eat? What movie should they watch? Should their children go out? What would they do? How will they get back home? The questions take even longer to answer. Online self-service portals could answer all these questions with a couple of taps on their smart devices. 

How Guest self-service Portals Benefit Hotels

  1. Increases visibility of services
  2. Applies offers and promotions seamlessly
  3. Enhances customer service
  4. Effective communication between guests and management
  5. Boosts guest satisfaction
  6. Collects guest reviews
  7. Tracking and retargeting
  8. Personalized guest experience

Less Staff Hassle, Less Cost on Hotels 

After implementing a self-service portal, hotel staff are no longer compelled to take all these types of orders. The guests simply place an order or book a service with their smartphones, and the staff or last-mile partner delivers the service with the least amount of hassle. This is convenient for both the hotels and the guests – there is no ambiguity or miscommunication. Guest self-service portals will allow hotel staff to have more time to work on bigger scale operations. 


However, guest self-service portals aren’t just for guests; they also benefit hotels by providing a central source of operational data with the ability to monitor multiple aspects of the hotel including guest feedback, room availability, and marketing promotions. Keeping track of data across multiple departments allows hotel managers to easily recognize trends forming and adjust accordingly to improve their customer service. If you are a hotel that cares about operation efficiency and guest satisfaction then Guest self-service portals should be number one on your list to implement in 2023!


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