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Stay connected and efficient!


Customized to fit your facility.

  • Your guests can now enjoy a fast, reliable, and efficient Wi-Fi connection 24/7.
  • Networking solutions are essential in today’s hospitality landscape as they allow guests to conduct online activities like streaming, social media, or even work meetings.

At an internal level, networking allows management teams to:

  • Boost communication between staff such as the use of an internal communications app to track room status, early/late check-ins, or issues within rooms.
  • Anticipate guest needs using data analytics like room preferences(room view, room temperature, etc.)

Wi-Fi efficiency within a facility can determine the online rating

  • 80% of guests consider fast Wi-Fi as a key factor in their booking decision.
  • 65% of guests access the Internet within 7 minutes of their stay.
  • 8 out of 10 guests publicly share their Wi-Fi experience once they arrive.
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