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How Networking Solutions are Reshaping the Hospitality Industry

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How Networking Solutions Are Reshaping The Hospitality Industry


Think about the feelings of anticipation many people tend to have when they’re about to set off on a trip, especially one that has taken some months to plan. The same feeling is ignited when they are about to book a space in a hotel. Expectedly, the first thing that comes to guests’ minds revolves around convenience and comfort. Therefore, they would explore hotel options that suit their purpose, especially regarding delivering the service – and providing the experience – they want.

In this article, we explore how networking solutions are empowering hotels to deliver an ingenious experience to their guests.

Why do hotels need networking solutions?

At the core of providing top-notch service and experience to guests lies technology. One significant technology that impacts the hospitality industry is internet connectivity. In fact, support for digital services has become a prerequisite for booking a hotel. This is predicated on the overarching impact they have on the overall experience of guests. According to research carried out by DeepBlue Communications, 63% of travelers confirm the presence of wireless connectivity before they book a room in a hotel. Also, 36% noted that they will not return to a hotel if they had a bad experience with its wireless network. That’s not all, the research also reported that 72% of travelers prefer WiFi over wired connections.

All this implies that hotel owners in today’s world need to provide fast, reliable, and efficient Wi-Fi connection and networking solutions to their guests.

While a few large hotel chains have strengthened their network infrastructure, a host of small hotels are yet to follow the trend. How then would a guest that needs to participate in virtual conferences during their stay book a room in such a hotel? Obviously, such a hotel is a turn-off for guests, including those that would also love to enjoy streaming services.

At an internal level, networking can also help to boost communication between staff, especially through the use of in-apps. Traditionally, mobile communication was commonly used as a medium to interact with staff to track room status, make check-ins, or even detect issues within rooms. In recent times, this has been disrupted by network solutions that serve as an always-on engagement channel.

New networking solutions are disrupting the status quo

Just as the world is changing rapidly; networking solutions are also evolving. Your property needs these seamless solutions that can handle the prevailing conditions of a dynamic world and serve you as your business grows. For instance, there will always be a need for an increase in bandwidth as guests increase. In other words, what is sufficient for today’s guests may become inadequate for tomorrow’s guests. Besides, an average guest may come with at least two devices and, as such, would expect that they would be able to use the internet on the devices.

Therefore, you should get a network solution that can handle your internet connectivity needs, including an on-demand option for bandwidth increase. Some IT firms offer innovations that help the hospitality industry run more effectively by improving conditions for staff and making guests enjoy their hotel stays.

One of such firms is BITS Arabia which provides networking solutions that can be customized to fit your facility. The solution offers secure internet connectivity and real-time resolutions to issues. These solutions also empower you to understand guest behaviors and anticipate their room preferences so as to tailor hospitality services to their needs.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, guests want to seamlessly transition from one part of their room to another, enjoying all digital activities that help them unwind, work for productivity, and feed their egos. By providing them with experiences that make them feel at home, you would be on your way to building customer loyalty and staying competitive. Kickstart the journey to empowering your facility with the necessary networking solutions by booking a FREE consultation with us today.


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