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What You Need to Know About IoT in Hospitality

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What You Need To Know About IoT In Hospitality

Hospitality IoT on the Rise

Hotel guests expect to have every possible amenity at their fingertips so that they can have the best possible experience while they are staying with you. By implementing IoT solutions in hotels, guests can access various services such as booking rooms, ordering food and beverages, and checking out directly from their phones.

A Smart Guest Experience in Hotels Through IoT

Time Efficient and Seamless

Your hotel will provide peace of mind for guests through digital check-ins on their phone, confirming their reservation, reminding them of their room number, and easing their way to skip lines when they arrive at your property.

A Smart Guest Room Experience

Using IoT applications you can create a control center for the guest to manage and engage with content, advertising, and TV services. Using Smart TVs and voice commands are a great way to make guests feel at home, while also providing them with a fun and exciting experience.

Entertainment and Customization 

Smart mirrors that transform conventional mirrors into personal interactive information stations, allowing visitors to control hotel room features, atmosphere, and entertainment.

Reduce Excess Labor

Self-driving interior delivery robots to automate hotel room service. The robots can run elevators and handle crowds by using sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Lower Operating Costs

By linking room thermostats to numerous IoT applications, hotels can alter guest room temperatures at check-in and checkout, therefore eliminating the cost of cooling or heating unoccupied rooms. Air conditioning shuts off immediately when a guest opens a window or balcony door, thanks to the interconnection of thermostats and other sensors.

Preventative and Zero Downtime 

IoT solutions detect flaws with appliances or equipment before they become costly problems. Sensors in guest rooms can monitor HVAC systems and instantly inform maintenance when units begin to malfunction.

All Hotels Need to Know About the Internet of Things

Starting from security and ending with personalization, the Internet of Things can help hotels achieve the guest experience of the future.

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