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Breathe Easier with IoT

 Introduction The hospitality industry is constantly looking for ways to improve service, which is why we’re seeing more and more smart technology being implemented in hotels and resorts. Here are some examples of how the Internet of Things (IoT) is…


Powering The Future of Hotels Through Energy Management

Introduction The world's most beautiful hotels are known for their stunning views, luxurious amenities and exquisite service. However, the future of these hotels and luxury resorts can't only be measured in terms of their physical assets. Hotel owners need to…


Self-Service Technologies: The New Luxury Standard

Introduction Luxury is a term that can be defined in many ways. In the past, luxury was often associated with the word “exclusive.” It was something that only a few people could afford and only a chosen few could even…


It’s Time to Rethink The Old Room Key!

The digital room key is here, and it's ready to help you give your guests a better experience. That's right: digital keys are not only more secure than traditional keys—they're also faster and easier to use so that you can…

اكسس كنترول

أنواع أنظمة التحكم في الأبواب اكسس كنترول وكيف تختار الأفضل

نظام التحكم في الدخول أو التحكم في العبور "اكسس كنترول Access Control" هو مفهوم أساسي في الأمن يقلل من المخاطر التي تتعرض لها المنشأة أو المنظمة، فهو أسلوب أمان ينظم من وماذا يمكنه عرض أو استخدام الموارد في بيئة ما،…

اجهزة انذار الحريق

دليلك الشامل لاختيار اجهزة انذار الحريق للفنادق العربية

لا شك أن الشاغل الرئيسي لملاك الفنادق هو أن يستمتع الضيوف بإقامتهم إلى جانب تقديم خدمة فائقة الجودة تشمل ضمان أقصى درجات الأمان والسلامة والحفاظ على أرواح الزائرين وممتلكاتهم، ومن هنا تأتي الحاجة إلى نظام شامل للسلامة من الحرائق يحتوي…


How Integrated Hotel Technology Took Hospitality by Storm

The pandemic has just massively accelerated adoption for new technology among all industries. New integrated technology triggered an evolution in improving efficiency and accuracy in the hospitality industry. The all-in-one hotel integrated technology automates all of the facility operations, freeing…

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