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Go Digital: Why Hoteliers Should Invest in Digital Keys

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Now more than ever, hoteliers are looking for more secure, sustainable, and personalized solutions to provide their guests with access to their rooms. Fortunately, digital keys offer a perfect solution that meets all these needs. Digital keys offer increased security, as well as the ability to monitor and report room access in real-time. They are also more sustainable than traditional key cards, helping hoteliers reduce plastic waste and meet their sustainability goals. Furthermore, they provide a more personalized experience for guests, allowing them to quickly and securely access their rooms without having to wait in line at the front desk. With so many benefits, digital keys are quickly becoming the preferred choice for many hoteliers and are quickly becoming a must-have for any hotel.

Improved Security

When it comes to security, digital keys provide hoteliers and their guests with added security and peace of mind. Not only are digital keys more difficult to copy or transfer, but they also provide additional encryption, preventing unauthorized access to a hotel’s premises. Furthermore, digital keys are programmed to be used only once and then become invalid. This prevents potential security threats such as key duplication, which is a common risk with traditional card keys. Additionally, digital keys can also be programmed to be activated or deactivated remotely, allowing hoteliers to deactivate a guest’s key with just a single click. This ensures that hoteliers can keep a close eye on their security without having to worry about the safety of their guests. Digital keys not only provide greater security for hotels but also for the guests themselves, making them feel more secure and at ease.


In terms of sustainability, digital keys are an excellent choice for hoteliers looking to reduce their plastic waste output. According to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency, hotels generate over 2 million tons of plastic waste each year. This makes it an urgent priority for hoteliers to find ways to reduce their plastic waste. Digital keys stored on a mobile device provide a viable solution, as they don’t require any additional materials and also offer potential energy savings due to their lack of a battery or power source. By investing in digital keys, hoteliers can significantly reduce their plastic waste output and energy consumption, helping them to meet their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint. This makes digital keys a cost-effective and sustainable option for hoteliers looking to reduce their environmental impact.


Digital keys also provide hoteliers with an opportunity to further personalize their guest experience. By leveraging technology, they can tailor offers and promotions via push notifications, making the guests’ experience even more memorable. Additionally, with digital keys, hoteliers have access to rich data which can help them to better understand their guests’ preferences and habits. This data can be used to offer more personalized services and create a unique and enjoyable experience for the guests. By making use of digital keys, hoteliers can create a truly unforgettable experience for their guests and set hotels apart from the competition.


Ultimately, digital keys offer a host of benefits for hoteliers. They are secure, and sustainable, and help to create a more personalized guest experience. By investing in digital keys, hoteliers can ensure their guests a safe and convenient stay, while also helping to reduce plastic waste and meet their sustainability goals. Digital keys are quickly becoming a must-have for hotels, and investing in them now can give hoteliers a competitive edge in the market. With digital keys, hoteliers can create a truly unique and memorable experience for their guests to keep them coming back.

BITS Arabia has partnered with Flexipass as our trusted vendor for digital key solutions. With their reliable and efficient technology, we can offer your guests a seamless, secure, and sustainable experience during their stay.  Contact us now to learn more about the convenience and peace of mind that our digital keys can offer to your guests.


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