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What is the IT company Bits Arabia? 

Founded in 1997, Beats Arabia has become the most prominent technology solutions company and is the leading IT supplier in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specializing in the hospitality industry in the Kingdom. The Beats Arabia team consists of leading IT leaders with more than 23 years of experience.

The company provides the best modern solutions in the field of information technology to the pioneers of the hospitality industry in the Kingdom. From individual property operators to the best and highest rated hotel chains. IT experts at Bits Arabia are working to customize distinctive and integrated technology solutions to meet the diverse and complex operational needs facing the hospitality industry in the Kingdom.

Solutions Provided By IT Company Pets Arabia

Pets Arabia offers integrated digital hotel solutions, comprehensive systems for all needs of hotels, resorts and hotel apartments. Our solutions rely entirely on state-of-the-art information technology to help your hotel achieve maximum guest satisfaction. Our solutions have also helped upgrade more than 100 hotel and hospitality facilities projects.
Here are the most prominent technological services provided by the IT company, Bits Arabia:

Network Solutions

Since all hotel guests make their decision to stay at a particular hotel based on the internet service provided by the hotel; IT company Pets Arabia offers unique networking solutions to suit your hotel regardless of the hotel infrastructure. 

Pets Arabia offers integrated solutions for connecting to the Internet to make it fast and secure all the time. This helps the hotel guests in doing their activities online. They will no longer have problems broadcasting or posting on social media, and they will have no problem completing their work online at the hotel. The network solutions provided by the leading networking and information technology companies Bits Arabia provide a good environment that enhances communication between employees in the hotel in addition to enhancing the technology used in the hotel guest rooms in general.

Monitoring Systems Solutions

Technology Solutions Pets Arabia provides unique management solutions to the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our services help you manage the hotel, as well as protect visitors, guests, employees and valuable assets from the wrong hands. Therefore, it provides you with advanced monitoring systems that work all the time to fully protect your facility from the inside out. The imaged data can be accessed from any authorized smart device connected to the Internet. 

Access and Transit Control Systems Solutions

If you are looking for Saudi technical companies for problems related to access and transit control systems, then your best partner is Bates Arabia. Pets Arabia introduces a transit control system to ensure hotel guests provide security and privacy at the lowest possible cost. It provides a secure way to manage all entry points in the hotel, and all rooms within the hotel. No one enters a place unless he is authorized to enter.
All this is presented in the form of electronic locks with data reading via Bluetooth or mobile phones. This provides a distinguished technological experience for guests and greater protection for your belongings and belongings.

VoIP Telephony Solutions

Pets Arabia – the best information technology company in Saudi Arabia – offers the latest telephony network systems over the Internet. This helps all the guests to enjoy a different stay experience, as they can make quick IP phone calls to fulfill all their requests during their stay or even chat with other guests in the same hotel.

These systems also allow for secure telephone conversations between hotel managers and employees within the hotel. Which keeps the secrets of the hotel and makes it smoother and easier all the time. These systems are considered one of the most important modern standards for hotels around the world.

Guest room management system solutions

What is difficult for network and IT companies to implement well is the guest room management system. However, Pets Arabia offers the very best in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective system for the full technology hotel room. The system is an ideal solution to reduce energy consumption in the hotel. As it is an advanced and automated technological system, it provides a distinctive, technological and digital experience for the guests. 

The system depends on the full automation of the room, and the system monitors the inmate’s movements inside the room and his habits to provide the most appropriate energy savings. The automated means used include: digital control of room temperature, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, sound systems, blinds, television, and other automated technological methods.

fire alarm system solutions

BITS Arabia – the brightest name of IT companies in Saudi Arabia provides solutions for automatic and fire alarm systems in the Kingdom. Our systems are specially designed to monitor and detect fire hazards and protect the hotel from inside to outside, whether from fire or its causes such as toxic gases and smoke.

Pets Arabia provides you with a flexible wiring infrastructure. Which helps you easily expand your hotel systems at any time. These systems include fire systems everywhere in the hotel such as restaurants, kitchens, guest rooms and literally everywhere in the hotel to ensure that the possibility of any dangers in your facility is completely eliminated.

Public Speaking and Audiovisual Systems Solutions

Among the names of information technology companies, the name of Bates Arabia stands out in terms of providing the best solutions for public address systems and direct contact with visitors inside the hotel. As well as the best audio-visual experience in the Kingdom. Our systems are distinguished from the services provided by other Saudi technology companies

The system is easy and smooth and has the ability to clearly distribute the sound and picture within each location of the hotel. The two systems work in an integrated manner with the rest of the systems already in the hotel, such as monitoring systems, fire alarms and other systems.

IPTV Solutions

For decades, the television has been one of the most important tools in a hotel. IT company Beats Arabia provides the best IPTV services and the best operating systems for it. This allows guests to watch what they want at any time. 

IPTV technology provides a secure and seamless broadcasting service that provides guests with a unique experience of watching what they want instantly and in perfect quality, regardless of the number of people connected to the service. 

Digital signage solutions to communicate with guests

Pets Arabia is the best IT company that provides digital signage solutions in a highly technological way to communicate with guests. One of the advantages of digital signage is that it is a distinctive and digital tool that provides a high-quality service for sharing the content chosen by the hotel management, whether it is audio, video or TV broadcast.

Pets Arabia is your partner in securing and growing your business in the hospitality industry, and its goal is to develop and present your business in the best possible way to achieve maximum hotel guest satisfaction. By using interactive technical solutions with electronic security of global standards. We provide guidance and service based on experience and knowledge to protect your project and take it to the top.

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