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Self-Service Technologies: The New Luxury Standard

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Luxury is a term that can be defined in many ways. In the past, luxury was often associated with the word “exclusive.” It was something that only a few people could afford and only a chosen few could even gain access to. Today, however, luxury has evolved to become more accessible than ever before! Technology is one of the main reasons why this has happened, as advancements in self-service technology have made luxury more accessible than ever before.

Today’s guests expect seamless interactions within your hotel. And to keep up with this expectation, many luxury brands have turned to self-service technologies such as chatbots and virtual assistants. In this post, we will discuss how they can improve the guest experience at your hotel by allowing them to get assistance faster when they need it most.

The Future Is Here, and It’s Simpler Than You Can Imagine

The old luxury standard of a personal concierge and an in-house spa will soon be replaced by streamlined, contactless guest experiences. That’s the future we see. And it’s happening now.

With new technology, guests can check in and out on their own, access their rooms quickly, and get instant information about the hotel. This streamlined process makes guests feel like they’re partaking in a luxury experience. The more comfortable people are with new technology and its convenience, the more they expect it to be a part of their stay at your hotel.

If You Can Automate It, Do It.

Automation is a growing trend that’s being adopted by many businesses today. And for good reason: it can reduce costs, improve efficiency, reduce errors and increase accuracy. It can also improve customer service and employee satisfaction.

A great example of automation is self-check-in kiosks and online portals where guests can meet their own needs without having to call in help from an employee.

Let the Technology Take the Reins

When it comes to self-service technologies, there’s a lot of talk about freeing up staff time. But what does that mean exactly? In the hospitality industry, it means setting your employees free from monotonous tasks and letting them focus on more meaningful work—the kind of work that can make a guest feel like they’re being treated as an individual. It means giving your employees the opportunity to get into the mindset of “the right thing to do” versus “the quickest way out.” 


Whether you’re a luxury brand or not, your guests will expect to be able to do more than check in and out when they reach their destination. They want to have access to as many amenities as possible from the moment they arrive, which means that you need to make sure that every service is available on demand and at all times.

Further, you will have to make sure that the self-service systems work in concert with each other. For example, a mobile app that allows guests to check in and out on their own could be paired with an automated room service ordering system so guests can order their meals from the comfort of their beds with just a few clicks. Integrating these various technologies into one seamless user experience will help ensure that your guests always have what they need when they need it most—and the happier they are, the more likely they’ll come back for more.


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