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Security and Surveillance Solutions

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Security And Surveillance Solutions

In the last two decades, IP Security and Surveillance cameras have developed a lot. The camera technologies improved and IP CCTV camera prices have decreased. The quality of the images taken with them has become more precise. This coincided with the emergence of digital video recorders and the massive increase in storage media and their capacities. Thus, it has opened up new horizons that were not available before.

What are the main features of any IP CCTV system?

IP CCTV security systems vary in complexity depending on the usage in which they are used. In any case, any IP surveillance camera system must have 3 basic functions:

  • Photography

Capturing scenes and sending them in the form of a video signal. This function is performed by cameras of various types (analog, digital, network, ..etc), 

  • Recording

It is the process of storing video scenes on the storage and perhaps also processing them to extract information in advanced devices. This function is performed by DVR or NVR if used with network cameras.

  • Viewing (retrieving scenes) 

This is done either through a display screen (LCD screen for example) or through a smartphone or a computer connected to the camera system via the Internet. 

In some cases, the surveillance camera system may consist only of a display screen that is wired directly to a surveillance camera. 

Types of IP surveillance cameras and their specifications.

IP CCTV camera specifications can be listed under three main points.

  •  Camera (Sensor/lenses) Specifications.


Charge-Coupled Devices or CCD 

Active Pixel Sensor.


1- Fixed or monofocal 

The simplest and cheapest, and their focal length cannot be changed according to the application conditions.

2- Varifocal 

A little more expensive, and their focal length can be changed manually as needed to control the field of view and zoom.

3- Motorized or Zoom 

The most expensive, and the lens contains a small motor that moves the lenses as desired and is often found in PTZ cameras.

  • Signal & Connectivity.

1-Signal cable 

2-Power cable 

  • Camera types & Special Features.

Camera types

1-Traditional Analog Security Cameras

2-HD over Coax analog surveillance cameras

3-Digital IP Cameras

Special Features

1-Camera Housing

2-PoC, PoE. Signal Cable Power Supply Integration

3-Night vision improvement options

4-PTZ cameras

5-Image enhancement

With this, we have finished a brief guide to surveillance camera systems and what to look for when deciding to purchase. This might be overwhelming to you, but this is where we step in. BITS Arabia has a team of experts to help you choose what suits you best based on your business needs. Contact BITS Arabia now.


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