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How Integrated Hotel Technology Took Hospitality by Storm

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The pandemic has just massively accelerated adoption for new technology among all industries.

New integrated technology triggered an evolution in improving efficiency and accuracy in the hospitality industry. The all-in-one hotel integrated technology automates all of the facility operations, freeing it from traditional management methods and maximizes guests’ satisfaction.

Time became a valuable asset that made managing or tracking data manually a burden for all types of hotel management.

All it takes is the correct technology suite to boost your productivity, sales and emerge as the top hotel and that is exactly what happened!

1.New Tech Guarantees 5-stars Ratings

Gone are the days of physical communication and limited data collection, now hospitality has come a long way. As new technology enters the hospitality business, legacy hotel solutions are becoming increasingly focused on incorporating it as it reduces guest complains by 71% and increases customer services rating by 18% putting the facility on a fast track to the best rating it can get!

2.Guests Love New Tech

81% of travelers want greater digital customer service from hotel brands. Integrating new tech Enhances your guest experience as travelers are more interested in digitizing their accommodation and travelling experience from the moment they search for a hotel and until they check out.

3.The More Tech, The More Bookings

70% of millennials are likely to book accommodation based on a tech amenity like mobile payments, Smart TVs, or keyless entry.

Organization has a strong potential to tailor experiences and deliver continually improved, simplified digital services to enhance sales based on consumers’ tech preferences.

4.The world Became Digitally Motivated

A worldwide survey was conducted, results indicated that a majority of respondents, 62 %, preferred to check-in and check-out using a hotel app. Meanwhile, 30 % preferred to use a website, leaving only 8 % of respondents who preferred to use a traditional check in/out method.

5.Personalization BOOMs ROI %

Personalization through new technology is proven to increase bookings and online revenue by 135%. It may be used not just for micro-targeted marketing, but also for identifying new business possibilities, such as introducing extra products and services to visitors who are likely to take advantage of the offer.

6.A whole New Level of Satisfaction

Personalization took guests’ satisfaction to a whole new level. Luxury hotels put big efforts in delivering the best personalized guest experience.

Accor, for example, used a machine learning system to offer extra services like hotel upgrades based on prior booking behavior.

Personalization enabled management to greet guests personally, manage their requests and walk an extra mile to enhance their state experience. 

7.10%-40% Resources and Cost Reduction

Automated and simplified operations with new technology, help facilities concentrate on their expenses and limit wasted resources by 10%-40%.. Integrated technological solutions ensure that your most important resources

-employees, money, time – are used to their full potential.

As a result, employees and management can utilize resources and carry out all operations smoothly.


We are entering a new era in which technological developments are offering exciting new opportunities to the hospitality industry. With unlimited potential being generated every year, the future will be an exciting time for hotels.

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