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Hotel Management Technology

Smart Hotel Technology and Its Influence on the Industry

If you have an eagle eye on the technology used in the hotel industry, we understand how difficult it is. You want to determine what trends are beneficial and what are the marketing stunts. Below we compiled a list of essential solutions for guest rooms that every hotelier needs in 2022. 

Innovation and Guest Room Technology Intertwine in Every Trend

When talking about technology in hotel rooms we must mention that most guests have an exceptional convenience in their homes. As the on-demand technology dominates our lives, the guests expect a higher level of convenience from their hotel as well.

Hoteliers around the world are rapidly competing in adding hotel smart room technology convenience. They are achieving this via adding streaming services, voice commands, guest room tablets, mobile applications for room services, and more. 

Streaming Services In Hotel Rooms

Studies have proved that streaming services like YouTube, Apple Music…, etc are used on average by forty percent of guests. It showed that they’re used longer than their cable traditional partners. 

Voice-activation and Commands

As for voice commands, many hoteliers are leading the way by delivering a thoughtful, Alexa-like room solution. It integrates with guests so they can ask for requests and get confirmation when the service they need will be provided. This also integrates within the room cleanliness, erasing the idea of touching a germy remote control. This allows you to interact with your guests conveniently.

Room Tablets 

Nowadays some tablets allow guests to customize their stay. For instance, they can book appointments for hotel activities, reserve venues for business meetings, and more. It also helps them learn about the latest offers and receive targeted or automated messages.

Mobile Applications

Lastly, when it comes to mobile applications in hotel technology we assure you it’s a necessity.

It offers guests a way to order food and drinks from the app. They can pay their bills with credit cards and communicate with customer support and many other features all within their phones. Accordingly, it assists you in cutting down on labor at your hotel.

We highlighted only four essential hotel technologies that are needed in every hotel room. Nonetheless, we will cover more technologies in further articles. In BITS Arabia, we observe the industry’s useful trends as we are the market-leading providers in KSA. Contact BITS Arabia now for further information.


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