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Breathe Easier with IoT

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The hospitality industry is constantly looking for ways to improve service, which is why we’re seeing more and more smart technology being implemented in hotels and resorts. Here are some examples of how the Internet of Things (IoT) is making a difference for your business:

Creating a Personalized Experience for Guests

In today’s world, guests are looking for a personalized experience. Hotels that don’t provide this are losing out on the opportunity to create an emotional connection with their guests.

IoT technology can help you to create a more personalized experience for your guests by enabling you to gather valuable data about their preferences, habits, and needs. You can use this information to provide them with exactly what they want when they need it most – whether that’s an extra pillowcase or another towel in their room; or perhaps even just time off from work.

Improving the Efficiency of Hotel Operations

IoT can also be used to monitor energy consumption. With the right sensors installed in your hotel, you will be able to track exactly how much energy is being used by each room and where it’s being wasted. This way, you can make smarter decisions about which lights or appliances need replacing or upgrading.

IoT can also help you monitor guest satisfaction by giving them more personalized service options through smart devices that provide real-time alerts on services like room availability, reservation changes and food delivery status updates–all from their mobile device! Guests love the convenience of this feature since they don’t have to wait around for someone at the reception desk who may not even know what they want anyway (or worse: doesn’t care).

For security purposes alone–IoT has been proven effective at preventing theft and vandalism within hotels by tracking items such as keys/cards using RFID technology so as soon as something goes missing it gets logged automatically without anyone having any idea what happened until afterward when management reviews footage from surveillance cameras located throughout various areas within the facility.”

Reduce Energy Consumption With IoT Technology

Smart energy management systems are the key to reducing energy consumption and costs. The Internet of Things can help you monitor and manage your energy use, allowing you to make smart decisions about how much power is being used in different areas of your hotel or resort.

Smart thermostats are a great example of how IoT technology can be used for this purpose. They allow users to control their heating and cooling system from anywhere using an app on their phone or tablet, which means no more spending hours trying to adjust temperature settings manually! If someone accidentally leaves one window open during winter months, for example, then it will automatically close itself once they leave again without any human intervention required–saving both time and money while also helping out Mother Nature at the same time!

Connect Your Hotel to Mobile Devices

Connecting your hotel to mobile devices is the first step in making it easier for guests to manage their stay. Guests can now check in, check out and order food from their phones or tablet. They can also book massages and other services, which will allow them to skip waiting in line at the front desk when they arrive at the hotel.

To make life easier for staff members as well, many hotels are implementing this technology so that housekeeping staff members can use them as well. This allows employees who normally wouldn’t have access to computers or laptops at work to have access to those same tools elsewhere if needed.


Given the fact that people spend almost a third of their lives in hotels and over 2.5 billion people visit guest accommodations each year, it’s not hard to see how the hospitality industry will benefit from IoT technology. These are some of the opportunities that IoT presents to hospitality: making guest’s rooms more comfortable, personalizing services, and best of all – making guests feel welcome.

A guest’s experience is what sets the tone for all subsequent visits, so it’s important for hotels to ensure that their guests are comfortable and well-fed. Using IoT technology in tandem with smart devices, hotel owners can gather more data about their guests’ stay, both within and outside of the hotel. Armed with this data, hotel owners can better fine-tune their hospitality services.


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