About Us

BITS Arabia is a Saudi _Arabian company specializing in providing technical solutions and services for hotel management. Our company believes that modern technology is the great basis on which business community and modern establishments such as hotels and resorts can grow and prosper.
BITS Arabia provides programs, systems and applications that enable you to manage networks, liaison units and even TV broadcasting over the internet. BITS Arabia also provides security systems, access control systems, room service management and fire alarm systems among many other services required for maintaining business in an effortless and smart way that will eventually help the hotel industry to prosper, minimize risks, and bring your guests an amazing experience. With all the improvements we add to hosting, we aim to increase the rate of occupancy, reduce costs and eventually increase profits. BITS Arabia since its very beginning is fully aware of the dire need of national hotels and resorts for quality and efficiency in order to rise and compete locally and globally. Therefore, we offer our help to achieve these noble goals and even reach for perfection.
Bits Arabia in almost no time managed to get the trust of the most celebrated hotels and resort and to become their operator, consultant and provider of technical solutions helping them to properly manage their business and to offer their perfect services at reasonable costs.
With our kingdom’s visionary plans to make tourism and entertainment industries a main source of national income by 2030 and the higher rate of occupancy that comes with them, it was crucial for BITS Arabia to step up to become one of the most celebrated technical support service providers for hotel management.

Our creative team at your service

We hire the most creative and talented team that we consider a priceless asset to our company helping our business partners go the extra mile with their technical support. We invest a lot of time and effort to improve our services to catch up with the ever-changing needs of the market. We also provide our team with the latest training programs to keep them in touch with the latest technologies so that you can have the best service for your business.


We are guided and inspired by our vision

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