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Networking in the hospitality industry

Networking is one of the most important IT solutions that refers to the overall process of creating and using computer networks, in terms of hardware, and software, including wired and wireless technology to allow business owners to keep their employees connected and sharing information with the customers, their customers can get in touch easily, the data network is kept secure and safe. So many companies can take advantage of a network as an IT solution by reducing costs, enhancing security, and improving network performance.  

Networking in hotels is as necessary as a utility as water and electricity, BITS Arabia as an IT company in Saudi Arabia delivers that service to enable operational efficiency. As the most important thing in the hotel is the guest services, and when the staff can communicate quickly and effectively, the hotel services improve, and guests stay happy.

Why should networking be in your business, especially in hotels?

Today, technology has the power to impact every aspect of your hotel’s operations and your guests’ experiences, and the lack of technology will likely affect every aspect of the hotel. Wi-Fi is the number one rated guest room amenity. Today it is more important than a comfortable bed or a hot shower. 65% of guests access the internet Within 7 minutes of their stay, and 8 out of 10 guests take the time to publicly share their bad Wi-Fi experiences, so don’t let poor Wi-Fi affect your business negatively.

Networking solution offers the followings:

  • Allows guests to continue their online activities, such as watching movies, participating in a video conference call for work, or uploading photos/videos to social media. 
  • Provides an experience for guests using data analytics and techniques to anticipate their needs, such as setting a preferred room temperature before entering the room.
  • Increases communication and collaboration between employees, such as housekeeping and using a mobile application to indicate the room status 

People who are looking for Networking solution 

  • 74% of travelers use social media, and 97% share photos/videos on social media while traveling.
  • More than 90% of hoteliers frequently encounter guests seeking to connect more than one device.
  • The number of guests seeking the ability to send from personal devices to guest room televisions has grown to 65%.
  • More than 90% of guests indicated that being able to access the hotel's wifi network is very important, and it can affect the decision to stay in the hotel.
  • 58% of guests reveal the importance of Wi-Fi quality to impact reservation decisions.

*All these statistics show how important Networking IT solution is for each of the guests, the staff, and for you as a hotel owner.

The availability of networking for guests will make them satisfied and they will start seeing your hotel as more than just a business, and for your employees, it will increase the quality of their work and their communication with guests, and thus will benefit you as a hotel owner, and help you to grow your hotel business. 

Networking solution in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia has a large population, which increases the demand for connectivity, from personal entertainment and social networking in Saudi Arabia to benefiting from it in their business. So we found that Saudi Arabia leads the way in the MENA region to develop communications and you can find several numbers of IT companies in Saudi Arabia. BITS Arabia, one of the IT companies in Saudi Arabia, understands the unique pressures of the hospitality industry. That is why we provide simpler, more reliable, and adaptable network solutions that unlock the potential of your network.

Bits Arabia offers hardware solutions and network maintenance:

- Studying the appropriate cost for efficient hardware or supplying according to the user's requirements

- Purchase and deploy the necessary hardware according to the required network system.

- Provide support during the warranty period and maintenance after the warranty period.

- Technical support based on all days or online/offline support.

- Supporting systems and networks.

- Training the technical person on the relevant product.

- Network Systems and Solutions.

Networking: Frequently Asked Questions

Does my hotel need a Networking IT solution?

Yes, and now is a great time to do it. Guests are increasingly demanding free access to the Wi-Fi network wherever they go. This service brings you benefits, when you install Wi-Fi, you are investing in your hotel’s future. That network will attract new visitors while opening up a world of new business opportunities.

Is the hotel leveraging Wi-Fi to provide services and marketing messages?

Wi-Fi is a great way to keep guests coming back and staying longer. When guests connect to Wi-Fi in your hotel, you ask them to share some of their information such as phone number, email, or social media info. With this data, as a hotel owner, you can reach and engage with your guests and potential customers via email, SMS, social, advertisements for more profits. It is a fabulous marketing way for your hotel.

Do I have full visibility of my network’s performance?

Sure, your network solutions, including network managers and monitoring tools, should be able to automatically detect and monitor every device in your hotel.