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IP Telephony in hospitality industry

In recent years, the hospitality sector in the middle east, and specifically in Saudi Arabia has started to evolve and develop faster than ever, the industry is witnessing magnificent growth. Hotels across the globe now are featuring the tech-rich experience guests love and expect. And this experience always includes a fast and reliable means of communication, such as IP Telephony or VOIP.

IP telephony, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a term used to describe the technologies that exchange voice and other forms of information using the Internet Protocol connections. This technology simply means that calls travel as packets of data on shared lines. The challenge here, which differentiates between one service provider and another, is to deliver the voice in a dependable stream to the user. 

Internet Protocol has become the main transport system for virtually all data communications. Today, all communication carriers are using an IP infrastructure for a part, or for all of its voice services. Most companies have already switched from PSTN to using VoIP (Voice over IP)

Why is IP Telephony a must in your hotel? 

In this day and age, IP Telephony in Saudi Arabia has become a sort of an integral part of the guest experience in hospitality venues. Today’s guests are more likely to choose hospitality venues that offer the latest technology in guest experiences, this includes seamless means of communication.

IP Telephony systems are now able to offer much more to hospitality venues than any other traditional telephones can. IP telephony has introduced unified communications solutions that can provide a complete package that can be run over a single network and on one platform. In a nutshell, this means that hotels can easily manage calls, offer video conferencing, and much more through a single service. VOIP solutions also allow guests to make VoIP telephone calls through their smartphones and computers, either with the use of apps or the web.

Moreover, landline services limit the number of phone lines offered while IP Telephony systems withhold no such restrictions. If the hotel desires to add another phone line or another ten lines, all that is needed is to add an IP Telephony to their router and they are good to go. 

IP Telephony: Frequently Asked Questions

Can my hotel use our existing network?

Yes, it is easy to integrate IP Telephony services into the hotel’s existing infrastructure.

Does IP Telephony reduce call quality?

While this may depend on the network itself, VOIP offers better voice quality and phone quality than old traditional phones.