Integrated GRMS solution

Providing GRMS that integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of systems to bring you an intelligent and dependable automation for guest rooms

Energy Management

Significant energy savings capabilities

Online monitoring

Real-time information such as room status, the presence of a guest or housekeeper in the room, make-up room or do not disturb requests can be monitored and action can be taken directly through the GRMS software

GRMS Solution

Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is a management solution for hotels, it is used to manage different scenarios in each guest room, including welcome, living, heating/cooling, and sleeping settings, which means all control services. The system is used for the convenience of the guests. It enables the guest to be well in tune with the room with elegant and smart looking panels, which are used in hotel rooms, and hotel/serviced apartment rooms. GRMS solution combines two sides: supervision, managed by hotel staff, and room management by the guest.

Why do hotels use GRMS?

For hotel owners, it is necessary to provide good bedding for the guests, but is this enough to make guests feel comfortable in your hotel? Technology in the hotel industry continues to progress rapidly, hotel guests continue to search out new experiences during their stay. While enjoying their rooms, guests expect a personalized, connected and intuitive digital experience, they want comfort and control depending on their requirements. With GRMS solution your guests will be more comfortable.

*In-room comfort:

The goal is to continually satisfy the needs and expectations of guests in their rooms. They will be able to control lighting and temperature with easy-to-use control panels. Your guests will be able to connect and use their equipment in their rooms.

Statistics of GRMS solution 

  • The rooms in the hotel account for about 40-80% of the hotel's energy consumption.
  • 17% of guests upgrade their stay after seeing a GRMS service.
  • The problems of guests reduce their loyalty to the hotel by 11.6%. These problems are solved even before guests know about them by Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS).
  • Guest Room Management System (GRMS) allows the hotel operator to manage up to 10 floors with a total of 50 room controllers per floor of guest rooms. 

These statistics mean that:

  • The Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is important for both guests and hotel owners. This system improves the experience and loyalty of guests. It is also an essential technology for hotel owners looking to improve their business management.
  • Operators can reduce hotel energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and give guests the comfort, control, and convenience they expect.

GRMS solution in the hospitality industry

The GCC region witnessed many economic changes, as governments focused on many sectors. Hospitality has become one of the most important sectors in the area, especially in Saudi Arabia. BITS Arabia as an IT company in Saudi Arabia introduces innovations to the industry. It offers all the IT solutions for the hospitality sector such as GRMS solution which links the guest room with a central control system in every room in the hotel, including lighting, entertainment, sleeping settings, and temperature to suit the guest's needs. In-room settings can be adjusted by the guest or centrally through the central management system. Depending on the guest's requirements, BITS Arabia can provide a perfect synergy of comfort and technology, it offers the right solution for the guest to save energy, giving more comfort, and a very secured room in a cost-effective way.

GRMS: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of GRMS solution in hotels?

  • Improve guest satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Give guests the comfort and control they expect.
  • Improve operational efficiency & increase revenue.
  • Manage guest room energy consumption.

How could GRMS help me as a hotel owner with saving energy/money?

Hotel rooms are unoccupied most of the time. Unrented rooms are empty 100% of the time. Rented rooms are unoccupied 65% of the time while guests are out sightseeing, on the beach, in meetings, or elsewhere most of the day. This means that there is a significant amount of time when you are needlessly heating/cooling an empty space. By setting back the temperature when the room is empty you are saving energy and increasing profits.