Easy to Use Software to edit, and publish the content.


Operators can deliver content at different times, with different types of media, to deliver an effective message at the best time to the chosen audience


Multi-screen Support such as video walls, large format LCD television screens, and even movie screen type displays

Digital Signage in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East is undergoing a period of tremendous change. Hotels need simplified display management and easy content management across multiple locations to meet the needs of guests who expect a seamless digital and content-rich experience from the moment they walk in the lobby. Digital signage is guaranteed to be a big part of every hotel’s future that will help guests to be in charge of their future hotel experience.

First of all, what is digital signage? Digital signage is an electronic sign used to convey information to audiences and guests. It uses an LCD, LED, or projection screen to display videos and graphics that educate, engage, and inform nearby viewers. It can be used across a variety of guest touchpoints, and its applications are almost endless. Businesses can design and modify digital signage to meet their unique needs, but it is often employed in Video Display Screens, Interactive Digital Signs, Way-finding Boards, and Digital Menu Boards. The flexibility of digital signage makes it easy to mix these elements and create a custom experience for businesses and guests. Digital signage assists in finding solutions to convey important messages and information in today’s competitive world.

With digital signage, hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, and other hospitality venues bolster their reputation by delivering an unforgettable guest experience. They are no longer restricted to using static, passive signage that guests ignore and overlook. With interactive and digital screens, hotels can connect with guests using motion graphics, animations, and even touch-screen technology placed in or near Lobbies, Elevator Banks, Guest rooms, Entrances & exits, Hallways, and Conference halls.

These engaging screens present opportunities for hotels to impress guests and make their stay more enjoyable. Hotels, resorts, and inns can use digital signage to make life easier for their guests by offering a streamlined check-in experience, on-demand and personalized Informing services, and vital communication through emergency alert systems. The powerful thing about digital signage is that it is customizable to meet every hotel or resort’s unique needs, wants, and branding; making it more interesting, innovative, and responsive to guests' needs.

Why is digital signage a must in your hotel? 

In today’s tech-driven world, digital signage plays a key role in enhancing the guest experience in hospitality venues. It has become a hit in the hospitality industry for one simple reason… guests expect it! Today’s guests seek out hospitality venues that offer tech-driven experiences.

For example, a recent study shows that 55% of travelers would be more likely to stay at a hotel that offers digital signage self-check-in kiosks. As a result, 51% of hotels now offer or plan to add digital signage kiosks to enhance the guest experience.

BITS Arabia, as a leading IT Company, provides the latest cutting-edge digital signage solutions in Saudi Arabia which can cater to all your needs to display your messages and engage your guests the way you want. You can display HD video, high-quality audio, live TV, and data-driven content. We have a flexible platform for customizing features and scaling versatile layout options for full screen or multi-zone split. 

Digital Signage: Frequently Asked Questions

How many digital signage systems does a hotel need?

If you need each screen to display different content, then each of the screens will need its own separate system. If you want to mirror the content on two identical screens, a video splitter can be used for showing the same content on two different displays.

Is there a difference between dynamic and digital signage?

No, digital and dynamic signage is the same thing. It is a specialized display that is used for multimedia content to be displayed in public environments.

What types of content can be displayed?

Digital signage systems can display a number of different media formats. Content for digital signage can include text, photos, eye-catching motion graphics, video clips, live feeds, and other assets to connect with your audience.