HIGH-END access control solutions

Providing IP access control systems for hotels, improving guest experience and security.

Management Software

User-friendly management software especially utilizes a WINDOWS software platform to manage access control easily.

Integrated solution

Our AC systems can be integrated into PMS system and other room and building management systems.

Smartphone Access

Our Mobile technology allows guests to use their smartphone as their room key

Access Control Solution

The most important purpose of a hotel’s security system is to provide a safe, comfortable, convenient, and secure experience for guests throughout their stay. In today's competitive hospitality environment, hotel owners are seeking ways to remain on the top and deliver the optimal guest experience.

Access control is the basis for the automation of all hospitality venues in the current time. An access control solution determines who has the authority to enter each room in your hotel. Even entire floors can be designated as restricted access areas, with elevators programmed to only carry people there if they swipe the right key card. You can implement this level of security to keep guests out of restricted staff-only areas, or you can use it for added guest safety. With this option, only hotel guests can access elevators that take them up to the rooms, keeping suspicious characters at bay.

Why it's crucial for any hotel?

Hotel owners have long recognized the benefits of access control hospitality solutions. One of its advantages is to facilitate and quicken access to guest rooms while helping the manager manage rooms, room occupancy, and energy savings. These electronic, wire-free, and key-less systems provide a secure solution to manage all entry points throughout a hotel, not only for individual guest rooms but also for offices, external gates, business centers, fitness rooms, parking areas, etc. Cost savings are a goal in every business. The planned distribution of sensors and economizers reduces electricity consumption by up to 60% without affecting the quality of service perceived by the guest.

Room access security is critical in the hospitality sector. Electronic locks with an encrypted credential reading by proximity or by Bluetooth via smartphones provide the reassurance guests seek and that the hotel wants to provide. A safe in the room improves guests' perception of safety and comfort by providing the confidence that their belongings are in safe custody while they are away from the room.

By integrating different systems within a guest room, hotel owners can increase profits and improve the guest experience. For example, as a guest enters a room, the room comes to life automatically — the lights turn on, the temperature adjusts to a comfortable setting, and the window coverings open. In addition, having a cold drink or a snack in the room at the right time makes the difference between resting and elevating the guest’s stay to a really enjoyable experience. And as a guest leaves the room, lights are turned off and any faucets left running are automatically turned off. The integration of these systems can be achieved through a hotels’ electronic access control solution provided by BITS Arabia, one of the leading IT solutions providers in Saudi Arabia.

Access Control Solution: Frequently Asked Questions

Do access control systems only work on doors?

No, access control solution in Saudi Arabia can be used on gates, garage doors, elevators, parking arms, turnstiles, machines or vehicles, and other applications.

Can access control systems be interfaced with other systems?

Yes, typical integrations include cameras, intrusion detection, time and attendance, visitor management systems, GRMS, and more.

What happens if a card is lost or stolen?

If a card or fob is lost, stolen, or broken, the system administrator can disable the card through the management software. The card cannot be used in the system (unless reactivated) and any further attempted use can be alerted to the administrator.

What happens if the power goes out? Are guests locked out?

Systems can be equipped with battery backup for the controllers, readers and door locks to maintain functionality during a power outage. Otherwise, doors can still be opened from the inside or by traditional manual keys.