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 IP Camera vs Analog CCTV Camera | 2021 Complete Comparison

IP Camera Vs Analog CCTV Camera

IP Video surveillance systems are quickly getting developed, but there are two basic security systems:

  1. The traditional analog+ CCTV camera (closed-circuit television);
  2. IP Surveillance cameras or network cameras. 

While there are some similarities between both security systems, IP Cameras are getting more attention. This is because they are providing more features, less total cost, scalability, and more.

In this article, we will go through a comprehensive comparison analyzing the values presented by each system. We focus on the IP System features served by BITS Arabia, the leading technology supplier to the hospitality industry in KSA.

Why do IP Surveillance Camera Systems surpass CCTV Camera Systems?

1- IP Camera facilitates using various network devices

Although both security systems transmit videos to televisions, VCRs, or DVRs. IP cameras add a unique value by transmitting the recorded data over various networks devices for access and storing:

  • Remote access to live video footage can be transmitted to the authorized owner’s smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Network storage devices (such as PC hard, drives, servers, NAS (Network-Attached Storage), systems, and the cameras’ on board).
  • Other available Data networks when required.

2- Power Cables are eliminated by IP Cameras

Post-IP Systems, CCTV cameras are based on coaxial cables and UTP cables for power and networking the data back to the NVR. This results in using many cables (and though expensive cost). It also enforces more restrictions on installing Analog CCTV Cameras.

But, IP cameras served by BITS Arabia use a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch or injector. It enables the cameras to be both powered and transmit the footage through a single cable. This results in eliminating the system’s cabling cost and restriction by simply wiring it to the nearest network switch. The installed IP cameras could connect to the Wi-Fi, LAN, or cellular network with broadcast signals to a television or any device. IP Security system requires no special network infrastructure. It could exploit the existing network infrastructure to link the camera’s signal back to the NVR. This results in less wiring and less repairing process. 

3- IP Camera Security Systems provide much BETTER User Experience & Quality Video

Because IP cameras depend on network Ethernet cabling, they provide much better quality video signals. This results in having a higher resolution than analog CCTV cameras. Studies are concluding that IP cameras could give you up to 4x the resolution of any analog CCTV cameras.

IP surveillance Camera also adds another unique feature for security, namely “the Digital zoom”. The Digital zoom feature provides user-friendly footage. It enables the authorized owner to digitally zoom in both on live or recorded videos.

The IP cameras enjoy more capabilities compared to the analog cameras due to their onboard processor. This adds more features: motion detection, cross-line detection, wide dynamic range, and more.

In Short, better Cameras’ capacities, more security, user-friendly footage, and much better resolution.

4- IP Surveillance Camera System offers a declining total Ownership cost:

In addition to less cabling, BITS Arabia’s IP cameras have proven a good decline in the total pricing of ownership. The traditional CCTV systems assign a higher total cost during the life of the system. Not to mention the required repairing process.

In the security systems in the hotel industry, IP Camera Systems work much better than the analog system. IP Cameras’ higher resolution facilitates covering a much larger area field. This results in reducing the number of cameras installed to view a specific area. A factor that is bringing down the total cost of ownership.

Some other typical limitations having to do with DVR devices required in an IP CCTV system compared to the IP System.

DVR devices can only afford either 4, 8, 16, or 32 cameras depending on the capacity of the device. So, the more hospitality industry owner of the system wants to expand his system, the more he needs to buy other devices.

In the IP video surveillance systems, however, a user can expand the total storage for such a case with a minor cost. Besides, multiple IP Cameras can be added without limitations compared to the traditional IP CCTV System.

5- IP systems offer powerful Search Functions

The playback and search functionality is another unique feature of the IP Security systems. It surpasses even the most developed analog systems. So, if you are searching for a specific action that occurred in a certain area. 

You don’t need to playback hours of recorded footage. Instead, you can draw a box or a trip line around the area and let the NVR do your job. IP video surveillance systems can analyze events using the given data. Data such as foot traffic, face recognition, certain colors, motion detection, smoke, and missing objects are automatically analyzed.

6- Advanced Encryption System

IP camera System uses developed systems preventing attackers from hacking the cameras for any purpose. Hackers may want to take the hotel’s information or confuse the whole system.

The IP video surveillance system conceals all the recorded or live information while it travels over the network. It scrambles data in a way that no one could decode it except by the authorized owner. This feature is certainly unavailable in the other traditional IP CCTV Cameras.


All these features of the IP surveillance solutions made the choice much easier: IP systems Outweigh CCTV security system.

IP security and surveillance solutions are more needed in large facilities, like the security system in hotel industry. BITS Arabia is the leading KSA IT company in such an industry. BITS Arabia applies all these features of IP surveillance solutions and more, ensuring more secure and remote monitoring of the security system.

Contact BITS Arabia NOW for fully integrated guest-centric hotel solutions!

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