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All You Need To Know About Public Address Systems

All You Need to Know about Public Address Systems in 2021

What is Public Address System?  The public address system (or PA system) is the electronic system connecting the system owner with the public. For example, if the business team wants to inform the public about something or announce an emergency,…

Best Hotel Technology Trends For 2022

Best Hotel Technology Trends for 2022 | Applicable Examples!

Introduction | Why does Hotels Technology matter? People who work in the hospitality industry may have asked this question a couple of years ago. But hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses now recognize the importance of Smart Hotel Technology. BITS…

The Complete Guide To GRMS | Hotel Guest Room Control Systems

The Complete Guide to GRMS | Hotel Guest Room Control Systems

Hotel Guest Room Control Systems A full technological hotel room has not become a mere choice for the hospitality industry. It rather became a necessity with the advance of artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things). Hoteliers either choose to…

Networking Solutions For Hospitality Industry

Best Networking Solutions for Hospitality Industry in 2021

The Importance of Networking in Hospitality Industry Good Wireless networking in hospitality industry is now one of the biggest challenges hoteliers face in their industry. But, it is not a marginal factor you need to consider. It is rather a…

IP Camera Vs Analog CCTV Camera

 IP Camera vs Analog CCTV Camera | 2021 Complete Comparison

IP Video surveillance systems are quickly getting developed, but there are two basic security systems: The traditional analog+ CCTV camera (closed-circuit television); IP Surveillance cameras or network cameras.  While there are some similarities between both security systems, IP Cameras are…

Hospitality Technology

Why Hospitality and Technology Must Go Hand in Hand?

The hospitality industry is evolving as one of the largest industries in the world. It is an excellent example of an industry that grew in response to the growth of customer needs. Your aim as a hotelier is to stay…

Audio And Video Conferencing Solutions

Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions: Why Every Hotel Needs Them?

Audio video conferencing solutions are the most efficient and effective way for companies to have the best communication experiences. Furthermore, it economizes a great amount on travel costs, increases productivity, as well as promotes face-to-face interactions. Audio and Video conferencing…

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