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6 Reasons why a Digital Signage System is A MUST for Your Hotel


Your Business Needs Digital signage displays 

The hospitality industry has been demanding more communication with guests yet less physical interaction since 2020’s Covid-19. , Therefore, the need for electronic signage became enormous in the past few years as digital signage monitors  spread attention and awareness within any facility hosting these LED signage boards. 

In 2021, the hospitality businesses are expanding the utilization of digital screens and making those screens the highlight of a visual mission that arrives at guests from the second they enter the facility.

1.Promote Amenities and Hotel Services

Motivate and notify your guests with services and places easily with signage for hotels .

You can showcase the following on electronic signage 

1.   Cafés

2.   Fairways and sports shops

3.   Gift shops

4.   Spas or salons

5   Fitness centers

6.   Transportation Services

Led signage boards  will add value to your brand by showing guests extra features and places in your facility, which will motivate them to invest additional time and money in your hotel. If guests have a great time, they will also tend to go online and rate your hotel with a high rating. 

2. Screen display software

Digital signage monitors  are usually provided with Screen display software  so your management can be consistent with their announcements across all the facilities, through controlling a set or all the Screen display software  through one platform.

1.   Manage remotely from one screen display software 

2.   Easily upload & update your digital screens  content from anywhere and at any time

3. Share any type of content like (News, weather, prices, … etc.)

3. Guest Engagement  

Many hotels and other types of facilities in the hospitality sector utilize signage boards to build a reliable and consistent communication method with their guests. Electronic signage is expected to reach ultimate satisfaction and maximum engagement more than any other type of integrated hotel technology in the upcoming years.

1.   Guests can choose their preferences through digital signage monitors 

2.   Promotions and offers announced on digital screens  will motivate engagement

3.   The data provided from the digital signage system  enhances personalization for maximum guest satisfaction and engagement.

4. Valuable Source of Feedback 

Digital signage monitors  and digital screens  are viewed as essential factors in improving a hotel’s operations and performance to successfully convey data and produce significant input from guests.

Hotel management can use data from signage boards like

1.   Preferred room temperatures

2.   Room views or curtain preferences

3.   Capacity of rooms available

4.   Feedback and customer service data

5.   Issues or problems facing guests during stays

5. Reduce Labor Expenses 

Digital signage displays and signage boards  can replace many vacancies in a facility to aid in operations no different from humans. With automated voice recognition technology and sensors in led signage boards that detect motion and touch instantly, a signage board can definitely get the job done!

1.   Receptionists

2.   Room service

3.   Check-in/ check out

4.   Customer service

6. Extra Revenue Streams  

Signage boards  and led signage boards can be utilized as venues for Ads, whether they are internal or external Ads. This can help the hotel create new and extra revenue streams by just posting content on the signage boards  all day for guests to see and interact with.

There are other types of engaging content you can use on signage for hotels to create revenue like

1.   Private Label TV

2.   Nearby restaurants or attractions

3.   Available entertainment

4.   Trivia or interesting facts about the property or area

5.   Promotions for events or offers

6.   Guest testimonials

In conclusion, electronic signage offers a wide range of applications. It appears to be an essential step toward better understanding client demands, particularly in the hospitality sector. It highly effective in increasing footfall, generating inquiries, enhancing brand recognition, lowering perceived wait times, improving operational efficiency, and, most significantly, making guest visits a fantastic experience. As a result, delaying the implementation of digital signs will be a bad idea.

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